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Youtube Growth Hacking Course - Optimize Your Youtube Videos - Grow Your Channel!

62 minutes of course content

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Course Description

Is Your Youtube Channel Struggling?

Making Videos but Getting Few Views?

Do You Want to Grow Your Channel, Your Subscribers and ultimately, your Email List?

Perhaps there is a reason WHY you are not doing as well as you should?

Perhaps, all this time, you have not been OPTIMISING your Youtube Videos?

Discover what you have been doing wrong and find out how easy it is to put it right!

This is the Course I wish I had taken when I first started on Youtube in July 2010!

Before I uploaded over 200 Videos to Youtube!

If you have a Youtube Channel - You HAVE to TAKE this Course!


  • The importance of having a GOAL for your Youtube Channel
  • The right way to PRODUCE your Video
  • The KEY SETTINGS which must be RIGHT before Your Publish
  • How to get the most out of ANNOTATIONS, CARDS and CLOSE CAPTIONS

Start Using Youtube as an EXPERT marketer as part of your overall Social Media Marketing Strategy! Stop missing out on views from over 1 BILLION active Youtube Users!

Improve your Videos, Get More Views! Get More Subscribers!

Set and Achieve your primary GOAL for your Youtube Channel

Step by Step discover the process I use to OPTIMISE my Videos for Youtube.

Just a few extra minutes getting everything right will result in more views and subscribers in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Once you know what to do its easy! Find out by enrolling in this course today

This Course is launching as a Free Course but this will not be the case for ever so grab it while you can!

Enroll Today! See you Inside!

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Ensure that your video production system is optimized for Youtube
  • Upload a video to Youtube in the right way to take advantage of Youtube's SEO algorithm
  • Configure all the key settings on the Video Edit page to ensure that the video has the best chance of being found on Youtube
  • Use Annotations, Cards and Close Captioning to enhance the experience for the viewer and enhance the likilhood that the viewer will follow through on the desired call to action
  • Establish clear goals for their Youtube Channel which will then be reinforced by the information provided by this Course

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • Anyone interested in making a success of their Youtube Channel
  • Digital Entrepreneurs seeking to reach a wider audience on Youtube
  • Online Marketers seeking to grow their list by getting more views to their Youtube videos
  • Students who have not yet created a video or have not yet set up their Youtube Channel should do this first before taking this course

Requirements for the course:

  • Students should know how to create a video
  • Students should have an existing Youtube Channel

  1. Find Out If This Course Is For You! - 12 Minutes

    1. Promotional Video
    2. Welcome to the Course
    3. Youtube Video Optimization Quiz  How will you score?
    4. Video Optimisation Quiz
  2. How to Create The Perfect Optimized Youtube Video - 40 Minutes

    1. The Key Steps to Producing Your Youtube Video
    2. Further Essential Steps to Optimising your Video Production
    3. Uploading Your Video to Youtube - Follow this System
    4. Optimising Your Video Description
    5. Video Description Template
    6. Optimising Your Video Description in Youtube and Other Key Settings
    7. Youtube Growth Hacking - Producing Your Video Part 1 Original Transcription
    8. Youtube Growth Hacking - Producing Your Video Edited Transcription
    9. Adding Close Captions to Your Youtube Video
    10. Adding Annotations to Your Video
    11. Using Youtube Cards to Grow Your Email List
    12. Practical Exercise - Optimise One of Your Own Videos For Youtube
  3. Course Summary and Wrap Up - 10 Minutes

    1. Bonus Hack: An Easy Way to Get All Your Youtube Video URLs
    2. Bonus: Video Optimisation Checklist
    3. Summary and Wrap Up

About the Expert

John Colley, MA (Cantab), MBA, FSI

John Colley, MA (Cantab), MBA, FSI

Exceed Your Own Potential! Join My Student Community Today! Learn from my Expertise in Business, Online Marketing and Entrepreneurship! Would you like find out how Startups can raise capital? Would you like to discover Social Media strategies to make your businesses grow faster? Do you want to learn the secrets of strategies of successful Business Development? Are you afraid of Public Speaking? You can do all this and so much more with my Online Courses! Here is a little bit about Me... Cambridge University Graduate I have a Bachelors and a Masters Degree from Cambridge University in the UK (Magdalene College) Master of Business Administration I graduated from Cass Business School in 1992 with an MBA with Distinction and also won the Tallow Chandler's prize for the best Dissertation. British Army Officer I spent nine years as a Commissioned British Army Officer, serving in Germany and the UK in the 1980s, retiring as a Captain. I graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (Britain's West Point) in 1984. Investment Banking Career I have spent over 25 years working as an Investment Banker, advising hundreds of companies about Strategy, Fund Raising and Mergers and Acquisitions. My experience ranges from advising Start up companies through to Billion $ Global Corporations. I am a Fellow of the Chartered Securities Institute here in the UK. Online Marketing and Social Media I have been active in Social Media since 2002 when I was an early member of eCademy. Since then I have my own blog, a podcast, a video channel and now am a leading online course instructor. Enroll in one of my Courses Today - Start your Success Journey with Me now! I relish the opportunity to interact and engage with you to share ideas and inspiration! Please ask me any questions you might have about my courses - I may not have an immediate answer, but I will find it! Because of my experience, I am also available for coaching/mentoring to people who have completed my courses and are putting their new skills to work on real projects. Contact me at I am here to help! A Bit about Me! I live with my wife in a 14th Century Medieval Hall house in Wiltshire in England with our Border Collie, Henry. I love wine, first edition books and vintage toy cars - quite keen on lego too! :) How can I best serve you?
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