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Your Survival Guide To Working With 5 Generations

87 minutes of course content

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Course Description

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By 2020, there will be five generations in the workplace!

Spanning decades of conflicting morals and ethics, different levels of technology fluency and the battle for career progression, organisations will be faced with the task of generational management. Managers will need to develop new, innovative techniques to cope with conflicting personalities and skills without sacrificing business objectives.

Employees of all ages must understand the value differences, attitudes, mindset and preferences of the diverse generations, and organisations should work to foster better communication between the generations to avoid potential conflict.

Learn how understanding and communication can help minimise perceived generational gaps and how to direct the focus of employees onto shared values and expectations.

This course can help you proactively address the different generations by reaping the benefits and recognising the generational influences that play a part deepening your effectiveness as a leader.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the key elements of generational management; strategy, communication, fairness and creativity.
  • Understand the values, motivators and mindset of the five generations in the workplace.
  • Assess the differences among generations.
  • Identify conflict and risks to the organization and develop effective responses.
  • Develop multi-generational communication techniques to inform, persuade and build consensus.
  • Discuss how the key elements of managing 5 generations, impact the organization and the management.

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • All students are welcome in this course, it is aimed at those that wish to increase their cross-generational knowledge to gain a competitive advantage in their career.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

  • All you need is a drive to acquire new knowledge and skills that you can immediately apply.

  1. 2020! Five Generations Employed Alongside One Another... - 2 Minutes

    1. Pre-Course Taster
  2. Managing Multiple Generations - 10 Minutes

    1. Welcome To Your Pre-Quiz
    2. Yes! Five Generations In The Workforce Today
    3.  What Is Covered?
    4. About Your Course Producer
  3. The Story So Far - 15 Minutes

    1. How Do We Recognise A New Generation?
    2. The Perceptions And Similarities Of Each Generation
    3. Moving Beyond Bias Towards Generational Diversity
    4. Every Company Should Design And Incorporate A Multi-Generational Policy
    5. Some Of The Benefits Of Multi-Generational Teams And Workforce
  4. Generational Conflict Solutions - 8 Minutes

    1. Resolving Cross-Generational Conflict On The Job
    2. Effective Cross-Generational Communication
  5. Philosophies Of Adult Learning - 14 Minutes

    1. Learning Styles Principles And The Multiple Generations
    2. Recognizing Talent And Types
    3. Towards A Culture Of Learning
    4. Unleash Knowledge Transfer With Cross-Generational Mentoring
  6. The Future Of Generational Working - 17 Minutes

    1. Generational Values, Employee Reward And Company Culture
    2. Leading A Cross-Generational Team
    3. Create A Route Map
    4. The Future Of Work, Becoming An Employer of Choice and ... Gen Z
  7. Summary & Recap - 8 Minutes 

    1. Wrap Up
    2. Quiz
    3. Activity: Expressions Used By Different Generations
  8.  Bonus - 5 Minutes

    1. Are You A Leader Or Manager? [Assessment]
    2. What Do You Add To A Team? [Questionnaire]
    3. What Is Your Approach To Leading? [Test]
  9. Sharing Knowledge From Across The World - 8 Minutes

    1. Millenials sharing their ideas on... 'old' ...people.
    2. Infographic: The baby boomer brain drain.
    3. Infographic: How are multi-tasking millennials impacting today’s workplace?

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