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Writing to Get Things Done Toolkit

360 minutes of course content

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Toolkit Description

Individuals improve productivity by learning how to use writing as a powerful tool for getting things done. Individuals will improve their on-the-job writing skills, including creating clear, easy-to-read emails, letters, memorandums, meeting minutes, procedures and technical reports.

*You have access to this toolkit for 365 days from the date of purchase.

Please Note: This bundle consists of a toolkit, that is comprised of 12 different courses.


The courses in this bundle are approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI) for professional development units (PDU)

This Toolkit includes the following courses:

  • Effective Business Communication
  • Separating Readers' and Writers' Needs
  • Identifying Ineffective Writing Styles
  • Using the Reporting Process
  • Selecting the Best Writing Model
  • Write Effective Opening Paragraphs
  • Effective Middle and Closing Paragraphs
  • Forecasting Subject Lines
  • Most Common Business Writing Model
  • Writing Model for Reports and Documents
  • Writing Style and Tone
  • Effective Emails

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Know and use the three components of effective business communication
  • Be able to separate the readers’ needs from the writer’s needs
  • Identify ineffective writing styles
  • Use the reporting process when creating written communications
  • Know how to select and use the best writing model for presenting your thoughts and ideas
  • Be able to write an effective opening paragraph
  • Write an effective middle and closing paragraph
  • Be able to write a concise and effective forecasting subject line
  • Know how to use the writing model required for about 80% of your writing
  • Use the writing model required for long documents, such as reports and manuals
  • Know how to use an effective writing style and tone
  • Assess the quality of your emails

    1. Introduction

    1. Toolkit Instructions

    2. An Overview of Communication and Writing - 90 Minutes

    1. Effective Business Communication* - 30 Minutes
    2. Separating Readers' and Writers' Needs* - 30 Minutes
    3. Identifying Ineffective Writing Styles* - 30 Minutes

    3. A Process and Model for Writing - 60 Minutes

    1. Using the Reporting Process* - 30 Minutes
    2. Selecting the Best Writing Model* - 30 Minutes

    4. Effective Writing from Opening to Closing Paragraphs - 60 Minutes

    1. Write Effective Opening Paragraphs* - 30 Minutes
    2. Effective Middle and Closing Paragraphs* - 30 Minutes

    5. Writing for Business- 150 Minutes

    1. Forecasting Subject Lines* - 30 Minutes
    2. Most Common Business Writing Model* - 30 Minutes
    3. Writing Model for Reports and Documents* - 30 Minutes
    4. Writing Style and Tone* - 30 Minutes
    5. Effective Emails* - 30 Minutes

The courses in this toolkit are approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI) for professional development units (PDU)

About the Expert

Stan Berry

Stan Berry

Stan Berry has devoted the past 34 years to improving the writing skills of over 55,000 business and government professionals. After completing his Master’s degree from Yale University, he co-authored five books on writing that he uses in his seminars. He’s been a member of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) since 1975 when he served as the newsletter editor and on the Board of Directors for the Twin Cities Chapter. Stan can be reached at
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