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The World of Foods and Beverages Today: Globalization, Crisis Management and Future Perspectives

45 minutes of course content

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Course Description

“Food and beverage” words mean different viewpoints and perspectives. Many opinions should be represented and critically discussed; on the other side, several points may appear “obscure” to normal consumers and perhaps questionable. The objective of this course is to give a reliable analysis of this fantastic, intriguing and challenging world by means of simplified concepts.
A similar course could be very long and challenging. As a consequence, the normal learner could remain confused at first sight. For this reason, our aim is to describe the interconnected world of foods and beverages by means of a preliminary observation. Some topics can be discussed in detail without too “strange” concepts.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the composition of the Food Chain
  • Analyze food globalization and related effects on modern markets
  • Evaluate new and old eating styles with advantages and risks
  • Understand the importance of proactive actions in the management of food crises
  • Evaluate regulatory differences between different nations or economic areas
  • Learn the importance of known and unexpected food risks, including intentional adulterations
  • Develop some predictions concerning the world of foods and beverages

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • Academic researchers and professors (food chemistry, microbiology and technology; food safety and hygiene; economy)
  • Food & Beverage Producers and other commercial operators in the Food Chain
  • Scientists and professionals involved in Food Safety, Hygiene, Quality and Official Inspections
  • Food & beverage regulatory specialists
  • Third-party certification bodies
  • Food and beverage consumers

    1. The World of Foods and Beverages Today - 5 Minutes

      1. Welcome to the World of Foods and Beverages 
      2. What to Expect
      3. What Do You Already Know? - Quiz
    2. Food Players, Globalization and Eating Styles - 16 Minutes

      1. Food and Beverage Stakeholders
      2. Globalization and Food Markets 
      3. New Eating Styles, Old problems
      4. Mediterranean Diet and Healthy Lifestyle Models 
    3. Food Regulations and the Management of Crises - 8 Minutes

      1. The Consumerist Approach and Crisis Management in Food Industries
      2. The Regulatory Perspective. Differences between Economic Areas 
    4. Food Failures in the Current Market - 13 Minutes

      1. Food Adulteration and Expiration Dates. The Current Situation and New Perspectives
      2. Food Packaging Failures. What’s the Perception of Consumers?
      3. The Future of Food and Beverage Industries 
    5. Wrap up - 3 Minutes

      1. Be Prepared
      2. What Do You Know Now? Quiz

    About the Expert

    Salvatore Parisi

    Salvatore Parisi

    Salvatore Parisi, Ph.D., FSPCA Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI),is an expert research chemist working in various food and non-food sectors since 1996, with many experiences in the academia and in the editorial field. At present, He is an associate of the Sicilian Order of Research Chemists and involved in other Institutions such as: the EFSA’s Expert Database (EDB), the European Authority on Food Safety, Parma, Italy the EUPHA "Food and Nutrition" Section (Brussels, Belgium) the AOAC Research Institute (Rockville, MD). Salvatore is also a member of the Editorial Board and reviewer for many different scientific journals. He has been a member of the Technical Commission on Food Packaging, the Italian Institute of Packaging (2009- 2013). Salvatore has published more than 110 papers, books and CD-ROMs re related to packaging technology, polymer chemistry, shelf life prediction and food microbiology (Italian Oxoid Award, 2001). He is also the inventor of the CYPEP:2006 indirect method for the estimation of yields and proteins in cheeses. In addition, Salvatore has conducted many lectures near academic Institutes. At present, He is the Series Editor for Springer Briefs in Chemistry of Foods. Salvatore is the author of several books with relation to foods, packaging and other topics, including: Parisi S., 2012. Food Packaging and Food Alterations. The User-Oriented Approach. Smithers Rapra Technology Ltd, Shawbury, Shropshire, UK Parisi S., 2013. Food Industry and Packaging Materials. User-oriented Guidelines for Users. Smithers Rapra Technology Ltd, Shawbury, Shropshire, UK Brunazzi G., Parisi S. (ed) and Pereno A., 2014. The Importance of Packaging Design for the Chemistry of Food Products. SpringerBriefs in Chemistry of Foods, Springer International Publishing Barone C., Bolzoni L., Caruso G., Montanari A., Parisi S. (ed.) and Steinka I., 2015. Food Packaging Hygiene. SpringerBriefs in Chemistry of Foods, Springer International Publishing Parisi S., Barone C., Sharma R.K. (2016) Chemistry and Food Safety in the EU - The Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF). Springer International Publishing
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