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The Top 10 Amazon FBA Items You Should Be Selling

The Top 10 Amazon FBA Items You Should Be Selling

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Fully explanatory lectures showing the 10 top items that you should be selling on Amazon FBA. ("Fulfilment By Amazon")

Amazon FBA is remarkably easy to do.

You buy items online for pennies .... have them sent directly to Amazon .... and Amazon sells them for dollars.

Amazon does all the marketing, all the advertising, all the picking, all the delivering and all the customer service for you.

They pay you, in full, every 2 weeks.

You never see the items, never deal with customers - nothing!


The top 5 things you MUST DO for FBA success!

How to search Alibaba the unknown, most effective, way.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Discover the 10 items that you should be selling
  • Discover why you should be selling these
  • Discover the best places to get these items - cheaply, but in top quality

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • Those that want to learn the best products to sell on Amazon's "Fulfillment By Amazon" program
  • Those that want to run a very expandable business from home, with no s tock holding or handling, no customer service - and minimal start-up costs
  • Those that want to be paid every two weeks from the FBA program

    1. Introduction - 2 Minutes

      1. Introduction
    2. Top Items On Amazon FBA - 29 Minutes

      1. Beard Oil
      2. Health Bars
      3. Microfiber Towels
      4. Bicycle Lights
      5. Baby Bottle Warmers
      6. Dead Sea Mud
      7. Jump Ropes
      8. Yoga Mats
      9. Silicone Items
      10. Cat Scratching Post
    3. Bonus - 5 Minutes

      1. Advanced Search On Alibaba
      2. Advanced Search On Alibaba
      3. Five Things You Need To Do
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