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The Technology Quarterly 2018 Collection PDF

The Technology Quarterly 2018 Collection PDF

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The Technology Quarterly 2018 Collection PDF

This fascinating compilation features the following 4 Technology Quarterlies:

Ocean Technology

Blue-sea thinking:

Technology is transforming the relationship between people and the oceans

  • Race to the bottom: Mining the ocean floor is about to go mainstream
  • Net gains: Open-ocean farming will give a major boost to fish supply
  • Mutually assured detection: Better anti-submarine warfare will mean fewer places for subs to hide

Data Detectives:

I know what you'll do next summer

Unparalleled surveillance capacity and vast amounts of data are radically transforming criminal-justice systems, says Jon Fasman

  • Surveillance: Police have many new ways to monitor people
  • Encryption: The law is not keeping up with technology
  • Electronic Monitoring: You don't have to go to prison to go to prison
  • Predictive Policing: Big-data justice holds promise and peril
  • Accountability: Rigorous oversight is essential

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains:

Chasing the rainbow

What to make of cryptocurrencies and blockchains

Cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology, blockchains, have been hyped to the skies. Tim Cross offers a realist’s guide

Also in this TQ:

  • BITCOIN Riding the rollercoster
  • BRAIN SCAN Satoshi Nakamoto
  • ALTCOIN Chips off the block
  • MINING CRYPTOCURRENCIES A voracious appetite
  • BLOCKCHAINS Nailing it
  • PROSPECTS Beyond the hype

Towards Zero Carbon

Conquering carbon dioxide

Also in this TQ:

  • The hydrogen bombshell
  • Challenges of electrification
  • Brain scan: John Goodenough
  • Trucks and transport
  • Cooling the heating
  • Decarbonising industry
  • Cleaning up aviation
  • From hot air to action

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