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Sustaining Executive Performance

155 minutes of course content

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Course Description

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Based on the 2015 Pearson published bestseller of the same name, Sustaining Executive Performance is the 5 element model that has helped improve the health and wellbeing of thousands of managers worldwide since 2009. Comprised of 134 minutes of HD video divided into 32 easy to digest clips this special edition version includes extra resources and exercises that we use win our own face-to-face programs around the world as well as programs at the top 2 ranked business schools in the world (FT rankings 2016).

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After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify areas in your life that will lead to quick wins for improved health and well-being
  • Effectively make the business case for improved performance from any health-related action
  • Have greater insight into behavior change, for both yourself and others

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • Sustaining Executive Performance is for professionals in any business function, especially those having to deal with a high volume of workload and seemingly conflicting priorities in work and life

    1. Introduction - 12 Minutes

      1. Welcome to SEP!
      2. Remembering you have a body
      3. What's your starting point?
      4. The business case for your team
    2. MOVE - 25 Minutes

      1. Welcome to the MOVE element
      2. The 1st Law of SEP
      3. Combatting sitting disease in the workplace
      4. The societal context
      5. Nudging, measurement and behavior change
      6. Simple stretches for the office
      7. Office mobility and core strength sketches
      8. Epilogue
      9. Top 10 takeaways
      10. My MOVE experiments
    3. RECOVER - 35 Minutes

      1. Welcome to the RECOVER element
      2. We are rhythmic beings
      3. Getting to know rhythms in our heart and head
      4. We are not machines
      5. Are you getting enough?
      6. Sleeping is a key professional skill
      7. The nap zone
      8. Epilogue
      9. Top 10 takeaways
      10. My RECOVER experiments
    4. FOCUS - 22 Minutes

      1. Welcome to the FOCUS element
      2. Addicted to distraction
      3. Attention Economics
      4. Business is not busy-ness
      5. Disconnect to connect
      6. Epilogue
      7. Top 10 takeaways
      8. My FOCUS experiments
    5. FUEL - 25 Minutes

      1. Welcome to the FUEL element
      2. How do you fuel yourself?
      3. Linking food and exercise
      4. How we eat during a day
      5. Digging deeper on heartzones
      6. The Glycemic Index
      7. Decision fatigue
      8. Epilogue
      9. Top 10 takeaways
      10. My FUEL experiments
    6. TRAIN - 26 Minutes

      1. Welcome to the TRAIN element
      2. SMART: Strengthening & Mobility
      3. SMART: Accumulation & Recovery
      4. SMART: Threshold & intervals
      5. The power of positive practice I
      6. The power of positive practice II
      7. Epilogue
      8. Top 10 takeaways
      9. My TRAIN experiements
    7. Course summary & close - 10 Minutes

      1. Thank-you and good luck
      2. Change is difficult
      3. The SEP contract
      4. The 100 day letter

    About the Expert

    Steven P. MacGregor

    Steven P. MacGregor

    Prof. Steven P. MacGregor is one of the world’s leading experts on executive health and performance. He has combined deep academic knowledge in design thinking and sustainability with personal experience as an elite athlete to create a practical, powerful training program that has helped change the lives of over 10,000 senior managers worldwide. As the founder and CEO of The Leadership Academy of Barcelona [LAB] and member of the athletics team of FC Barcelona he continues to combine leading academic research and sport to improve the health and competiveness of companies around the world. A veteran of teaching several hundred classes at the best ranked business schools including IESE in Barcelona, IMD in Lausanne and CEIBS in Shanghai he has been a visiting researcher at Stanford and Carnegie Mellon Universities and is a reviewer for leading journals including Industry and Innovation, Journal of Engineering Design, and the International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation. Author of the bestseller Sustaining Executive Performance (Pearson 2015) he has trained with Olympic athletes, Tour de France riders and Ironman Champions, and can be found on a frequent basis running up and down the mountain overlooking the city of Barcelona.
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