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Successful International Companies in China: Learn business models of world-renowned international companies in China

80 minutes of course content

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Course Description

Hello, everyone, welcome to “Successful International Companies in China: Learn business models of world-renowned international companies in China and Chinese Companies in International Markets".

This course will introduce the successful business models of ten world-renowned international companies in China and Chinese companies, well-recognized in international market. For example, the Sinofication of KFC with its Chinese interior and exterior design, its recipe transformed by traditional Chinese food; The history of Starbucks and the reasons of its miraculous, worldwide success, and its appeal to the white collars of contemporary China; Ikea's adaptation to China by overcoming its price challenge in Chinese market and making itself the "luxurious low-cost" products; the attraction of Sam's club with its membership system for the wealthy class in Beijing and Shenzhen; P&G's multi-brand strategies that appeal to the different needs and purchasing power of customers, its education of Chinese customers about its products and its transformation from "multi-brand products" to "multi-products under one brand" in order to cater to both high and low-income customers; Kodak's industry-wide acquisition of Chinese film material industry under the support of Chinese government, and its bankruptcy in digital camera era; The Chinese training school "New Oriental" as the portal for Chinese students' studying abroad, its inspirational spirit and its entrance into stock market in America and law suit with ETS; Baidu as the Chinese google, the leading searching engine with its pay-per-click scandal and rectification of its business image; The Chinese electronic company Haier's exploration of niche market, as one of very few Chinese companies building factories in America, with products made in America, and won internationally recognized brand name.

These detailed, data-supported account of the innovative business models of world-renowned international companies in China and Chinese companies in the world market can not only provide quintessential, proved successful business lessons to ambitious enterprises, but also lead them into the portal of China as the world's biggest market, supplier, and economic body of today--into its consumer culture, purchasing power and idiosyncrasy, as well as its far-from-being fully tapped potentiality international business. In one word, don't miss this course.

After learning this course, you will realize that numerous world-renowned companies find one of the greatest international markets in China (for example, the annual revenue of Sam's Club in Shen Zhen was once ranked no. 1 in the club's international revenue; there are thousands of Starbucks now in China; and the Chinese company Lenovo was able to acquire IBM and successfully incorporate it). With this realization, you might want to learn my many well-designed courses in Chinese language and business Chinese published on this same platform: For example, the six-course sequence of College Mandarin Chinese on Your Own Curriculum that allows you to learn 3 years of standard college Chinese curriculum in just 6 months and save you 36000 dollars of college tuition, and the Business Chinese course.

The instructor is Professor Hong Zeng, award-winning professor of Chinese for 16 years at prestigious American colleges such as University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, College of William and Mary, Swarthmore College; Carleton College and Hamline University. She has two PhDs in Chinese and comparative language and literature, and has taught Chinese language and cultural courses at all levels and published five well-endorsed books in America. She has also taught business Chinese and Chinese business.

    After taking this course, you will be able to:

    • Learn the successful business model of 10 world-renowned international companies
    • Learn how to adapt your international business to Chinese markets and Chinese culture

    This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

    • No prerequisite softwares or additional materials are required, any students interested in international business, Chinese business, Chinese language and culture can take it. Hopefully after this course, they will be interested in taking my other Chinese language and culture courses to further their business with China.

      1. Chapter 1: Introduction - 5 Minutes

        1. Introduction of the Course
      2. Successful Business Models of Foreign Companies in China and Chinese Companies in International Markets - 75 Minutes

        1. KFC's sinofication
        2. Starbucks' Attraction for Chinese White Collars
        3. Ikea as a luxurious low-cost store in China
        4. Sam club's attraction for the wealthy in China
        5. P&G's multi-brand strategy
        6. Kodak's industry-wide acquisition in China
        7. New Oriental as portal for studying abroad
        8. Baidu as Chinese Google
        9. Haier products made in America
        10. Lenovo's acquisition of IBM

      About the Expert

      Hong Zeng

      Hong Zeng

      I am an award-winning professor of Chinese. I have taught Mandarin Chinese at all levels in prestigious American colleges altogether for 16 years. I have taught nine years as a tenure-track professor of Chinese at Carleton College, ranked No. 1 in undergraduate teaching in all liberal arts colleges in America, and have directed the Chinese program for two years at Hamline University (the first university in Minnesota). In both my second year coming to Carleton and Hamline, I more than doubled their Beginning Chinese Class enrollment. I have also taught at Swarthmore College, College of William and Mary and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. I have two PhDs, one in Chinese and comparative literature from UNC, Chapel Hill, the other in second language education, literary translation and English literature from Beijing Foreign Studies University. I have published five books in America (including two from Macmillan) on Chinese and comparative literature, film study, language study and language philosophy that are well-endorsed by world-renowned experts and book review journals in my field. I have earned 30000 dollars large grant from Asian Network in Chinese study.
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