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Special Report on The Geopolitics of Energy

Special Report on The Geopolitics of Energy

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The new power superpowers

Energy transitions change the world, writes Henry Tricks. So who will be the winners and losers of the green revolution?

  • The new power superpowers: Clean power is shaking up the global geopolitics of energy
  • Seeking “energy dominance”: The shale boom could prove a double-edged sword for America
  • Word of warming: Switching to renewables will not be as rapid as many hope
  • Power struggle: Europe tries to lead the way on clean energy
  • The East is green: China is rapidly developing its clean-energy technology
  • Clean could get dirty: A scramble for the minerals used in renewable energy is under way
  • When the sun sets on oil: The Middle East and Russia are ill-prepared for a low-carbon future
  • A good, clean fight: Global powers need to take the geopolitics out of energy

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