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Special Report on The future of the European Union

Special Report on The future of the European Union

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The case for flexibility

As it marks its 60th birthday, the European Union is in poor shape. It needs more flexibility to rejuvenate itself, argues John Peet

  • Creaking at 60: The future of the European Union
  • That sinking feeling: Members agree that the single currency needs more integration
  • Exit strategy: Leaving the euro would be devilishly difficult
  • Compassion fatigue: Most EU countries are happy to welcome other Europeans
  • Home and abroad: The importance of a European foreign and security policy
  • Democracy and its dilemmas: How to address the EU’s democratic deficit
  • Who rules the rulers?: Safeguarding democratic rule within the EU
  • Differentiate or bust: Europe’s future is multi-speed and multi-tier


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