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Special report on International Banking

Special report on International Banking

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A decade after the financial crisis, how are the world’s banks doing?

Though the effects of the financial crisis in 2007-08 are still reverberating, banks are learning to live with their new environment, writes Patrick Lane. But are they really safer now?

  • Ten years on: A decade after the crisis, how are the world’s banks doing?
  • When the music stopped: How the 2007-08 crisis unfolded
  • Sheep and goats: American banks have recovered well; many European ones much less so
  • After Dodd-Frank: American banks think they are over-regulated
  • Bother over Basel: Basel 3, an international capital-adequacy standard, is unloved but much needed
  • Financial technology: Financial technology is proving less of a battleground than feared
  • The millennial problem: Banks are finding it harder to attract young recruits
  • How safe are banks?: Another crisis one day cannot be ruled out


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