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Preview of The Secrets of Great Communities and Community Managers

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Course Description

This is a free preview (5 minutes) of The Secrets of Great Communities and Community Managers course. The description of the full course (30 minutes) is provided below.

In this expert course, online community and social media master, Vanessa DiMauro lays out the secrets of what makes both online communities and community managers great.

Complete with real case studies and actionable steps for building your own great online community, this course will make even the best online community manager better.

After taking this course, you'll be able to:

  • understand and recognize what is (and is not) an online community
  • understand and recognize what is (and is not) an online community manager
  • recognize and build a thriving online community with an engaged member-base
  • apply online community best practices to build or grow an online community of your own
  1. Getting Started - 5 minutes

    1. Your Learning Objectives
    2. What do You Already Know?
    3. An Introduction - What is and is NOT a Community
  2. The 411 on Community Managers - 5 minutes 

    1. The Anatomy of a Community Manager
    2. Social Media Manager vs. Online Community Manager: Same or Different?
    3. Don’t Ask Community Managers To Be Strategists
  3. Making a Case for Community - 5 minutes

    1. 2 Case Studies
    2. Spotlight on Analog Devices’ Award-Winning B2B Online Community, EngineerZone
  4. The 5 Secrets of Great Communities and Community Managers - 10 minutes

    1. Secret #1 - Great Online Communities are Strategic
    2. Secret #2 - Great Communities are a Line of Business, Not an Application
    3. Secret #3 - People Come for Content and Stay for Community
    4. Secret #4 - When Members Take Control, Good Communities Become Great
    5. Secret #5 - Great Communities Demonstrate Ongoing ROI
  5. Wrap Up - 2 minutes 

    1. Final Thought - Communities Address Changing Customer Needs
    2. The Net/Net
    3. What do You Know Now?
    4. Additional Resources

About the Expert

Vanessa DiMauro

Vanessa DiMauro

Vanessa DiMauro is an Internationally recognized independent thought leader on social business strategy and operations, with a specialty in online community. She helps organizations drive top line growth through innovative digital strategy design and thoughtful execution.

Vanessa has successfully led 60+ strategic social business initiatives for the world's most influential organizations over her 20 years as a social business executive. Her award-winning track-record is fueled by passion, experience and research.

Her work has been covered by leading publications such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and CIO Magazine and she was recently named a Social Marketing Master by Forbes. As a former Executive in Residence at Babson College, Olin School of Management, she's an engaging and informational educator and keynote speaker.

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