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Preview of Small Data, Smart Work

15 minutes of course content

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Course Description

This is a free preview (15 minutes) of the Preview of Small Data, Smart Work course. The description of the full course (120 minutes) is provided below.

Business press talks all the time about "Big Data," touting both its costs and impacts.

What can be done with this glut of new data for small- and mid-sized companies?

There instead is power in Small Data -- using abundant data to make specific decisions and build powers for your organization.

This class will arm you with the basics to design ways to engage with Small Data to make smart(er) decisions for your organization, save time with abundant information, and help make wiser strategic decisions. We'll share some expensive and budget ideas, as well as show ways to think and work differently as a team in this data-abundant digital world we work and live in.

After taking this course you'll be able to: 

  • understand and better filter the variety and abundance of Small Data surrounding your company and its decisions
  • begin choosing and implementing  inexpensive tools help you make easy “next steps” to getting Small Data into your teams
  • rethink where Small Data already comes into your company and where data may be missing for best decisions – and how decisions could be made better with different uses of Small Data
  • understand challenges with changing the ways your teams may store, recall, and decide with Small Data – and be able to talk about some of these issues with your work team
  • begin using data and data visualization tools to both make decisions and persuade others 

    This course is for professionals within the following business functions: 

    •  Business owners
    •  Strategy and planning
    •  Department managers
    •  Team leaders
    •  Operating Managers
    •  Business development executives
    •  Social media strategists

    1.  Introduction and Quiz -- Why is this important and what will we cover? - 5 minutes

      1. Introduction
      2. Small Data Pre-Quiz
    2. Designing and Planning Around Small Data - 25 minutes

      1. What is Big Data vs. Small Data
      2. Overabundance of Data
      3. Mapping Your Data
      4. Data Rituals
      5. Discussion Prompts
    3. Ways to Work with Small Data and Teams - 60 minutes

      1. Small Data in Teams and Decision Making
      2. Where is the Top 20% vs 80%
      3. Mapping Your Data
      4. Five More Steps
      5. Tools
      6. Data Visualization
      7. Your Current Behaviors
      8. What You Need to Know
      9. Discussion Prompts
    4. Next Steps: Easy Ways to Get Started - 15 minutes

      1. Learning Objective
      2. What is Out There
      3. Basic Inexpensive Tools
      4. Challenges in Getting Started
      5. Plan Next Steps
      6. Discussion Prompts
    5. Conclusion and Moving Forward - 15 minutes

      1. Recap 
      2. Quiz for Self-Assessment
      3. Small Data Post-Test
      4. Additional Resources

    About the Expert

    Gigi Johnson

    Gigi Johnson

    Dr. Johnson runs innovation leadership programs for both creators and organizational leaders around technology, organizational change, and social transformation. She has taught about organizations, media, and technology change at UCLA Anderson, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, University of Navarra (Spain), Higher Colleges of Technology (Abu Dhabi). As the Executive Director of the Maremel Institute, Gigi Johnson consults and speaks internationally on future impacts of digital technologies and social change. In addition to her academic work, she spent more than a decade in both large organizations and start-ups. Dr. Johnson’s corporate background includes being General Manager of two cable/satellite video-on-demand channels and SVP/Managing Director at Bank of America, financing media companies for ten years. She received her EdD from Fielding Graduate University, her MBA from the UCLA Anderson, and her BA in Cinematic Arts from the University of Southern California.
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