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Course Description

This is a free preview (10 minutes) of the Mastering Emotional Intelligence Change. The description of the full course (75 minutes) is provided below.

It has been researched that managers who understand the connection between emotions and actions and how one applies Emotional Intelligence [EI] to maximise effectiveness, have an advantage in organisations and are more likely to avoid communication mishaps, reach and negotiate consensus quicker and better, have healthier work lives, practice mindfulness and address negative encounters more effectively.

80% Of the success of individuals in the world of work today is down to EI competencies and with the increasing comprehension of the neurological and physiological underpinnings of EI and the focus on social and emotional behaviours, employers are seeking leaders who are self-aware and able to manage themselves and their relationships with others.

Remember if you do not have a goal, you are like a buoy on the water, just bopping around, waiting to see where the stream will take you, this online course offers you the opportunity to discover various models of EI, relating to the behaviors, impacts and challenges of EI on (your) workplace performance and identifies office relationships and their importance to yourself and others.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Provide a framework for understanding EI
  • Illustrate ways in which to begin to develop your EI capabilities (practicing EI leadership)
  • Discover how you can manage your emotions, and positively influence yourself and others
  • Stimulate reflection on the changing nature of organisations and your role as a manager
  • Outline guidelines on how to use EI as a transformation and organisational change management strategy
  • Adopting effective leadership behaviors and attitudes
  • Exemplifying emotional self-control
  • Moving forward with your EQ plan

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • All students are welcome in this course

There are no prerequisites for this course.

  • All you need is a drive to acquire new knowledge and skills that you can immediately apply to your life

  1. What Is Emotional Intelligence - 8 Minutes

    1. Pre-Quiz
    2. What Is EI? ( And What Are The Components)
    3. The Business Case For Emotional Intelligence
    4. What Will Be Covered In This Course?
    5. About Nicole, The Producer Of This Course
  2. The Model Of Emotional Intelligence - 12 Minutes

    1. Core Capabilities Of Emotional Intelligence (EI Model)
    2. Step 1: Self-Awareness - Building EI
    3. Step 1: Self-Awareness - Identify Your Emotional Response(s)
    4. Step 1: Exercise Activity
    5. Step 1: Self-Awareness - Emotion Drives Behaviour
  3. Emotional Management & Self Motivation - 13 Minutes

    1. Step 2: Managing Emotions - Key Emotional Intelligence Capability
    2. Step 3: Self-Motivation - Being Self-Motivated
    3. Step 4: Relationship Management - What Does It Mean?
  4. Emotion Coaching - 13 Minutes

    1. Step 5: Emotion Coaching - Learn How To Become An Emotional Intelligence Mentor And Coach
    2. Bonus: Emotional Intelligence Coaching Framework
    3. Assess And Develop Your Own Emotional Intelligence
  5. Develop An Effective EI Programme For The Workplace - 7 Minutes

    1. Develop An Emotionally Intelligent Company
    2. Use Emotional Intelligence As A Transformation Strategy
  6. Conclusion And Wrap Up - 10 Minutes

    1. Conclusion / Recap 
    2. Quiz
    3. Video: Daniel Goleman emphasises the importance of creativity, awareness, focus and flow.
  7. More Bonus Activities [pdf files] - 12 Minues

    1. Activity: How Do You Respond To Different Situations?
    2. Activity: What Interests You?
    3. Activity: Identifying Your Listening Skills
    4. Activity: What Is Your Approach To Leading?
    5. Activity: Recognise The Effects Of Stress

About the Expert

Nicole Le Maire

Nicole Le Maire

For the past 4 years Nicole has run her business, The People Engine, using the brand #NewToHR. She works as a digital nomad, supporting organisations with their People/HR needs around the world (online and offline), creating life long friendships with many of her clients. With eighteen years' experience in Human Resources, and a number as an international HR Director, Nicole has gained global experience whilst living/working in over 30+ countries. Clients are as diverse as DHL, Epson, Vodafone and numerous small to multinational companies - even a global Wildlife protection foundation. Her biggest markets at the moment are the USA, Asia, the Arab States and the UK. The majority of her business comes via the web and her websites attract more than 7000 visits per month, reaching over 25000 people in one broadcast. Nicole also loves to speak publicly on a variety of workforce topics around the world, she writes, blogs and facilitates these exciting (online) courses.
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