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Preview of Master Facebook Ads (Hands On Training)

Preview of Master Facebook Ads (Hands On Training)


This is a free preview (26 minutes) of the Master Facebook Ads (Hands On Training) course. The description of the full course (180 minutes) is provided below.

STOP wasting money on Facebook Ads!!..............

Until you have a solid Facebook marketing & Ads strategy and you fully understand the different types of Facebook Ads.

Its coming form a guy who has managed over $500,000 in Facebook Ads (in 2015). People fail at Facebook ads because they use wrong Ads at wrong times. I will show you how to fix this.

This course is NOT about what to do and high level strategies. I will show you HOW TO DO IT. Its like a hands on workshop (a Facebook marketer's dream)

Here is what you will learn in this course

1. Why Facebook ads are important for our businesses

2. Why people fail at Facebook ads and you can avoid these mistakes

3. See how to create different types of Facebook Ads (hands on demos)

4. Build custom audiences from your email list & website visitors

5. Create and install Facebook pixel for conversion tracking

TAKE THIS COURSE NOW and lets master Facebook Ads.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Grow your business using Facebook Ads
  • Generate business leads and sales using Facebook Ads
  • Understand why Facebook Ads don't work for most people
  • Learn about different types of Ads

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • Anyone who wants to master Facebook Ads
  • Social media marketers who want to find more clients
  • Entrepreneurs and small-medium business owners
  • Bloggers who want to increase website traffic from Facebook

    1. Welcome to the Facebook Ads course - 7 Minutes

      1. Introduction and overview 
      2. What you need to know before starting
    2. Facebook Ads basics - 15 Minutes

      1. Importance of Facebook Ads in marketing
      2. Facebook Ads biggest mistake and how to avoid
      3. Collaborative Learning
    3. Facebook Ads demos (Hands on training) - 130 Minutes

      1. Facebook Page like ads
      2. Send people to website
      3. Boost your posts
      4. Local awareness ads
      5. Get video views
      6. Event response ads
      7. Offer claim ads
      8. How to use Facebook pixel & conversion tracking
      9. Website conversion ads
      10. Facebook lead ads
      11. Quiz - Facebook lead ads 
      12. Instagram Ads using Facebook Ads manager
      13. Practice: Facebook Ads Quick Checklist
    4.   Facebook Ads - Extras - 25 Minutes

      1. How to create custom audiences
      2. How to create and use LookALike audiences
      3. Facebook Ads optimization and bidding options
      4. Facebook reports via Ads manager
      5. Power Editor Overview
      6. Quiz: Facebook custom audiences 
    5. Conclusion and next steps - 3 Minutes

      1. Next steps after completing the course
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