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Preview of Introduction to Digital Business Models

11 minutes of course content

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Course Description

This is a preview of the Introduction to Digital Business Models course. The description of the full course is provided below.

This course examines three main economic characteristics of digital business models, and suggests some of the benefits and trade-offs involved in developing a digital business model from these three perspectives.


After taking this course you'll be able to: 

  • understand what options exist for your choice(s) of business model for your company and its online business activities
  • begin choosing and implementing strategies for offering information to your customers to keep them at your website, and not someone else's

    This course is for professionals within the following business functions: 

    • Small business owners
    • Strategy and planning executives
    • E-commerce marketers
    • Business development executives


    1. Introduction - 8 minutes

      1. Introduction video
      2. What digital models of intermediation exist?
    2. Economics of Matching - 16 minutes

      1. Economics of Information Asymmetry
      2. Economics of Matching
    3. Economics of Assembling - 14 minutes 

      1. Economics of Assembling, part 1
      2. Economics of Assembling, part 2
    4. Economics of Knowledge Management -  16 minutes

      1. Economics of Knowledge Management
      2. Economics of Online Communities (OCs)
    5. Wrap Up - 10 minutes

      1. Summary of three models and examples
      2. Post-course quiz
      3. For more information

    About the Expert

    Alea Fairchild

    Alea Fairchild

    Dr. Fairchild is the Director of The Constantia Institute, a technology thinktank, as well as a professor in Economics. Dr. Fairchild has more than twenty years’ experience in global IT market analysis, and has worked for the major market research agencies as both an analyst and as a consultant. She has also been a consultant for the European Commission, as well as to major multinational IT companies throughout Europe. She was a member of both the Association for Information Systems (AIS) and formerly The Strategic Planning Society (SPS).She also has belonged to the American Economic Association (AEA). She is the author of many conference papers, journal articles and of five books: “Interoperability for Enterprise Information Systems”, September 1996, “Year 2000 Compliance: The Guide to Successful Implementation”, May 1997, and "Reengineering and Restructuring the Enterprise", February 1998, all published by CTR.Her book, “Technological Aspects of Virtual Organizations”, was published by Kluwer and her latest book, “Entrepreneurship: Introduction to Business Plans” was published by die Keure. Dr. Fairchild received her Doctorate in Applied Economics from Limburgs Universitair Centrum (now Universiteit Hasselt) in Belgium, in the area of banking and technology.
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