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Preview of Become a Growth Marketer: Learn Growth Marketing & Get a Job

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Course Description

This is a free preview (20 minutes) of the Intro to Entrepreneurship: Get started as an Entrepreneur course. The description of the full course (255 minutes) is provided below.

Marketing is changing.

Marketers are now required to be more analytical, more technical, and take ownership of a larger part of the traditional customer funnel.

What does that mean?

It means that your traditional education and your traditional understanding of marketing are becoming obsolete. Companies are no longer hiring marketers to sit and watch over ad campaigns; they’re hiring marketers that can not only plan, design, and run their own campaigns but also influence and understand their products on a much deeper level.

In this course we’re going to focus on both core marketing fundamentals but also on the more advanced growth marketing strategies that are becoming more and more in demand. We'll cover the basics that any marketer should know and then expand into day to day actionable skills you're going to be required to have. In the second portion of the course we'll focus on how you can set yourself up for success in the marketplace and how to find, vet, and lock down a job in Marketing or Growth.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply basic, intermediate, & advanced growth techniques to your campaigns
  • Understand the basics of persuasion & advertising psychology
  • Design and start your own email advertising campaign
  • Design and predict your company or product's growth trajectory
  • Apply the traction model of distribution to your venture or firm
  • Design and run your first Google AdWords & Facebook campaigns
  • Understand the basics of company and product branding
  • Put together a personal portfolio that will increase your likelihood of being hired
  • Know what to expect during interviews for marketing positions

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • Anyone who is interested in marketing and wants to start a career in it
  • Anyone with a basic familiarity with marketing concepts that wants to specifically learn "growth marketing"
  • Anyone who is interested in running more efficient campaigns and employing professional long funnel approaches to their own ventures

    1. Introduction - 12 Minutes

      1. Course overview
      2. JUMPSTART: Let's run a competitive audit
      3. [QUIZ] Your turn: audit Snapchat
      4. How to get the most out of the course
    2. General concepts - 25 Minutes

      1. Intro to marketing channels
      2. Top marketing channels
      3. Marketing and channel specialization
      4. [ASSIGNMENT] 19 marketing channels
      5. [QUIZ] Change the channel
      6. What is funnel marketing?
      7. Real examples of funnels
      8. [ASSIGNMENT] Applying funnel marketing
      9. [QUIZ] Being basic
      10. Section 2: Review & Recap
    3. General skills - 40 Minutes

      1. Basic psychology and persuasion triggers
      2. [ASSIGNMENT] Basic psychology
      3. Understanding data and analytics
      4. Customer lifetime value
      5. Customer acquisition cost
      6. Customer segmentation
      7. Growth modeling
      8. [QUIZ] The abc's of cac's
      9. Branding and positioning
      10. [QUIZ] Get branded
      11. [REVIEW]
      12. Section 3: Review & Recap
    4. Job specific skills - 120 Minutes

      1. Intro to job specific skills
      2. Google Analytics - Introduction
      3. Google Analytics - Real time tab
      4. Google Analytics - Audience tab
      5. Google Analytics - Acquisitions tab
      6. Google Analytics - Conversions tab
      7. Google Analytics - Behavior tab
      8. Intro to Paid ads
      9. Intro to Google AdWords
      10. Keyword research with Google AdWords
      11. Setting up your own Google AdWords campaign
      12. Native advertising
      13. Companies in the native advertising space
      14. Intro to Facebook advertising
      15. Facebook ad campaign example
      16. Setting up your Facebook ad campaign
      17. Display ads / Retargeting
      18. [QUIZ] What would you do?
      19. Intro to email marketing
      20. Lifecycle email marketing
      21. 4 stages of lifecycle email marketing
      22. Real example of lifecycle email marketing
      23. Key metrics in email marketing
      24. How to interpret email marketing metrics
      25. Real examples of email marketing campaigns
      26. Email copywriting
      27. AIDA formula
      28. [QUIZ] Copywriting the right way
      29. [ACTIVITY] Create an email with Mailchimp
      30. Section 4: Review & Recap
    5. How to prepare yourself and your resume - 20 Minutes

      1. Building your marketing portfolio
      2. Free work
      3. [ASSIGNMENT] Free work
      4. [ACTIVITY] Fix this
      5. Building your audience
      6. [ASSIGNMENT] Building your audience
      7. [ACTIVITY] Actually build an audience
      8. [QUIZ] Be a baller
      9. Section 5: Review & Recap
    6. Looking for and applying to jobs - 20 Minutes

      1. Finding your job
      2. Where to look for marketing jobs
      3. Narrow down the list of companies you'd like to work for
      4. [ASSIGNMENT] List 1-3 companies you'd like to work for
      5. Strategies for coming in contact with the companies you're targeting
      6. [QUIZ] The hunt
      7. [ACTIVITY] Create a blog
      8. Section 6: Review & Recap
    7. Killing the interview - 15 Minutes

      1. How to crush the interview
      2. Briefcase technique
      3. Questions to expect in an interview
      4. More about interviews
      5. [QUIZ] The kill
      6. Section 7: Review & Recap
    8. Course wrap-up - 3 Minutes

      1. Things to do after finishing the course
      2. Portfolio Checklist

    About the Expert

    Evan Kimbrell

    Evan Kimbrell

    Hi, I'm Evan Kimbrell. Thanks for checking out my course. Currently, I'm the Founder, Director of Sprintkick, a referral based full service digital agency based out of San Francisco. Over the last 4 years, I've overseen the development and launch of over 100 web and mobile apps. Clients range from 1-2 man team startups bootstrapping their initial idea, to multibillion dollar Fortune 100s like Wal-Mart, Dick's Sporting Goods, & GNC. Previous to Sprintkick, I worked as a VC for a brand new firm called Juvo Capital, based out of L.A. I spearheaded the firms expansion into Silicon Valley deal flow and into Consumer Web tech category. Previous to working for Juvo, in the long long ago, I was a co-founder for a educational software startup called ScholarPRO that raised a ton of money and then spectacularly blew up (in the bad way). Before it exploded like the Death Star, I went through 5 tech incubators (yes 5) with Tech Stars, Excelerate Labs, MassChallenge, Babson Venture Program, and Sparkseed. I'm an avid AirBNB host for the Fishermans Wharf district of San Francisco. My space has the #1 search ranking for my area, has hosted over 200+ people, and is currently booking out 18 months in advance :) Over the last year I've helped multiple other hosts get their properties listed and maximize their price per night. Results range from an extra +50% in price for established hosts, and +400% for brand new hosts. Hope you enjoy my courses!
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