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Personal Effectiveness

111 minutes of course content

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Course Description

To be successful as a leader, we must be able to influence others positively and be aware of our impact upon others. It is inextricably linked with the need to behave ethically, failure to act ethically diminishes our capacity to influence.

Learn how to bring out the best in yourself and others while developing a broader perspective of your leadership capabilities through practical approaches. 

Successful self-management is fundamental to personal effectiveness in the education area.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop your self-management, your skills in managing others and managing the environment around you.
  • Discover how you can manage your communication & positively influence yourself and others.
  • Understand how you & other people work and provide you with skills to help achieve excellence.
  • Manage time better (your own and other people’s), explore the skills and principles of time-management and exchange ideas, tips and techniques.
  • Recognize and deal with your pitfalls in personal effectiveness, manage stress signals effectively by relating back to your values and powerful choices, apply mindfulness techniques to stay ‘in the moment’ and focus on subtle communication signals.
  • Build on your values and leadership talents, enhance your communication style and behavior authentically and ultimately achieve higher performance for yourself.

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • All students are welcome in this course

There are no prerequisites for this course.

  • All you need is a drive to acquire new knowledge and skills that you can immediately apply to your life

  1. Overview Of Personal Effectiveness - 18 Minutes

    1. Introduction
    2. We Begin With You
  2. Manage Your Communication - 17 Minutes

    1. Influencing Others
    2. The Power Of Presence
    3. Activity
  3. The Relationship Between NLP And Personal Effectiveness - 11 Minutes

    1. Neuro Linguistic Programming And Personal Effectiveness
    2. Activity
  4. Managing Time & Priorities - 26 Minutes

    1. Managing Yourself And Your Time
    2. Activity
  5. Stimulating Well-Being - 22 Minutes

    1. Emotional Intelligence And Personal Effectiveness
    2. Activity
  6. Leadership And Personal Effectiveness - 13 Minutes

    1. Build Upon Your Values And Leadership Talents
    2. Activity
  7. Learning Check - 4 Minutes

    1. Learning Check
    2. Quiz!

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Nicole Le Maire

Nicole Le Maire

Today, the world is Nicole's workspace and online collaboration is her passion. She shares it with businesses and their team(s) and helps them implement, manage and enhance people working practices.
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