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Organisational Design And Development From Scratch

75 minutes of course content

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Course Description

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Are you interested in how organizations can be designed in a way that operate efficiently?

The real objective of organisational development (OD) is to improve how an organisation functions through theory and practice. The danger with this is that traditional managers continue to operate within the old paradigm that seeks to optimise organisational effectiveness.

This can only change when today’s business challenges are aligned, so the specialided knowledge and skills from OD will help to position the importance and contribution of design to your business, developing a mindset to achieve long-term success and viability.

This course will help you understand what is needed to deliver (new) OD well, understanding the skills, knowledge and behaviours that support OD practice, preparing systems and processes for change, improving credibility, personal effectiveness and development planning. You will explore the possibilities of organisational design and development (ODD) and the barriers that may arise upon implementing its techniques and tools.

This will enable you to understand the context in which organizations operate and the role practitioners may play in supporting the alignment to organizational structure, design, culture, and change.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Look at what employees, organizations and practitioners needs from OD in today’s world.
  • Define ODD, the aims, process, history and philosophy.
  • Understand the nature of organizational development within the context or leadership and change.
  • Recognise the humanistic values that underlie organisational development.
  • Understand organisational change processes from an OD perspective; methods and techniques.
  • Apply principles of OD and how design and development, work together for organisational strength.
  • Design or redesign, determining the (new) organizational structure.

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • Organisational development (OD) consultants
  • Human Resources professionals
  • Training managers
  • Consultants

    1. Introduction To ODD - 10 Minutes

      1. Welcome To Your Pre-Quiz
      2. Lesson 1 - Introduction To Organisational Design And Development
      3. Lesson 2 - What This Course Entails?
      4. Lesson 3 - Know Thy Producer 
    2. Organisational Development, What Is It? - 20 Minutes

      1. What Is Organizational Development (OD)?
      2. Bonus - Organisational Development Planning Tool - To Develop A High Performing Organisation
      3. The Evolution Of Organizational Development; Changing Methodologies
    3. Organisational Design Models, Approaches And Strategies - 15 Minutes

      1. What Is Organizational Design?
      2. Defining An Organizational Structure
      3. Critical Success Factors vs Behaviour Tool
      4. Organizational Capability Planning Tool
    4. Why Organisational Design And Development Matters! - 15 Minutes

      1. Why Is An ODD Strategy Needed?
      2. Organisational Design And Development; Change Management And Transformation
      3. The Consultation; The Process Of Dialogue
      4. Diagnosis Tool
      5. Behaviour Enabler Tool {Strategy}
    5. The Role And Activities Of ODD Practitioners - 10 Minutes

      1. The Role And Activities Of Modern ODD Professionals
      2. OD Practitioner Skills Checklist
    6. Conclusion And Wrap Up - 5 Minutes

      1. Wrap Up And Final Thoughts
      2. Take The - QUIZ - To See How You Score 
    7. Extra's

      1. Change Management Tool {Change Strategy}
      2. HR Glossary - Terms

    About the Expert

    Nicole Le Maire

    Nicole Le Maire

    For the past 4 years Nicole has run her business, The People Engine, using the brand #NewToHR. She works as a digital nomad, supporting organisations with their People/HR needs around the world (online and offline), creating life long friendships with many of her clients. With eighteen years' experience in Human Resources, and a number as an international HR Director, Nicole has gained global experience whilst living/working in over 30+ countries. Clients are as diverse as DHL, Epson, Vodafone and numerous small to multinational companies - even a global Wildlife protection foundation. Her biggest markets at the moment are the USA, Asia, the Arab States and the UK. The majority of her business comes via the web and her websites attract more than 7000 visits per month, reaching over 25000 people in one broadcast. Nicole also loves to speak publicly on a variety of workforce topics around the world, she writes, blogs and facilitates these exciting (online) courses.
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