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One-Day MVP: Go from Idea to MVP in Just One Day

875 minutes of course content

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Course Description

Learn how to take ideas, validate them, and prototype them all in one day, without learning how to code. Become a better entrepreneur, product manager, marketer, manager, or small business owner. Learn how experienced entrepreneurs come up with killer ideas and launch them with minimum time investment with $0 upfront.

Are you ready to take the plunge and finally pursue the business idea of your dreams? Are you sure you have the skills and the time to be successful? Have you heard of the Lean Startup, the product framework that is revolutionizing startups all over the world?

In this course you'll learn the skills that are essential to being a successful entrepreneur.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Rapidly validate product and project ideas before spending money and resources pursuing them
  • Run pitch experiments and lean models of idea validation
  • Gather and interpret offline feedback for ideas
  • Spy on potential competitors and assess their strengths / weaknesses / areas left open for opportunity
  • Evaluate the strength of your idea through email, forums, the 5-second test, and
  • Quickly setup basic pitch experiments with Launchrock landing pages
  • Create more complicated landing pages with Unbounce
  • Interpret the results of your pitch experiment to determine if your idea is killer
  • Understand the benefits and correct usages of prototypes
  • Understand the basic terminology used in web and design speak
  • Efficiently create and articulate a strategy for your product
  • Used advanced features and export settings in Balsamiq
  • Create a functional and interactive prototype in Pidoco
  • Present your prototype in the best possible way to investors, team members, and developers

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • Entrepreneurs with ideas or are already in the middle of a project
  • Project managers who want to learn more efficient ways of rolling out new products or internal features
  • Anyone who aspires to be an entrepreneur
  • Anyone trying to minimize the risk associated with their new venture
  • Anyone looking for new skills that would assist them in the realms of entrepreneurship, marketing, product management, and growth hacking
  • Anyone interested in having a more in-depth understanding of the Lean Startup

    1. Introduction - Getting Lean - 40 Minutes

      1. Course overview
      2. Lean in 5 minutes
      3. The lean mindset
      4. What is an MVP?
      5. Climbing MVP mountain
      6. Introduction to Section 1 Activity: How would you MVP?
      7. PRACTICE: How would you MVP?
      8. Section 1 review material
      9. QUIZ: Do you understand the basics of Lean?
    2. Getting even leaner (OPTIONAL) - 40 Minutes

      1. Should I watch this section? *WATCH ME*
      2. Fakin' it on the Serengeti
      3. Makin' it on the Serengeti
      4. The "M" conundrum
      5. Crucial strategy for MVPs
      6. Section 2 review material
      7. QUIZ: Test your knowledge of MVPs and MVP strategies
    3. Setting up your experiment - 70 Minutes

      1. Intro to Airbasket and Docs to go
      2. Smell test
      3. FOLLOW ALONG: Smell test with Airbasket
      4. PRACTICE: Sniff test your ideas
      5. Crafting your hypothesis
      6. FOLLOW ALONG: Airbasket's hypothesis
      7. PRACTICE: Craft hypotheses for real companies
      8. Identifying your riskiest assumption
      9. FOLLOW ALONG: Riskiest assumptions for Airbasket
      10. PRACTICE: Can you pick the riskiest assumption
      11. Setting your minimum criteria for success
      12. FOLLOW ALONG: Minimum Criteria for success for Airbasket
      13. Section 3 review material
      14. QUIZ: Assembling the perfect experiment
    4. Identifying your target market - 62 Minutes

      1. Drill down on potential customers
      2. FOLLOW ALONG: Drill down on potential customers for Airbasket
      3. Triage your list down to 3
      4. FOLLOW ALONG: Triage a list of 3 for Airbasket
      5. Customer segmentation
      6. FOLLOW ALONG: Customer segmentation for Airbasket
      7. User personas
      8. FOLLOW ALONG: User personas for Airbasket
      9. PRACTICE: Create some user personas
      10. Section 4 review material
      11. QUIZ: The basics of identifying your customers
    5. Competitive analysis - 73 Minutes

      1. Intro to competitive analysis
      2. 3 rules of competitive analysis
      3. Searching for competitors
      4.  Using Alerts to keep tabs on competitors
      5. FOLLOW ALONG: Searching for competitors for Airbasket
      6. The 7 criteria for judgement
      7. Stalking your competitors: Get data-y with SEMRush
      8. Stalking your competitors: SpyFu, Angellist, Crunchbase, & more
      9. Stalking your competitors: Sentiment analysis & the fluffy stuff
      10. Putting it all together and building a narrative
      11. Red Oceans & Blue Oceans
      12. Approve/Deny - Competitive analysis
      13. Section 5 review material
      14. QUIZ: The tenants of good competitor stalking
    6. Lean customer development - 150 Minutes

      1. What are customer interviews and why do we do them?
      2. The drill down list
      3. Building a hit list
      4. Finding people to interview - Same problem people
      5. Finding people to interview - Influencers, competitors
      6. Finding people to interview - Forums, commenters, everyone else
      7. Finding interviewees for the lazy man
      8. FOLLOW ALONG: Finding interviewees for Airbasket
      9. How to get them to talk
      10. Mass emailing with Streak
      11. How to run a customer interview correctly
      12. My customer interview template
      13. Now what?
      14. Approve/Deny - Customer interviews
      15. FOLLOW ALONG: Airbasket: Customer 1 interview - Discussion
      16. FOLLOW ALONG: Airbasket Interview #2
      17. FOLLOW ALONG: Airbasket Interview discussion #2
      18. Section 6 review material
      19. QUIZ: Can you run a Lean interview?
    7. Creating your pitch experiment - 90 Minutes

      1. What's a pitch experiment?
      2. Landing page 101
      3. Conceptualizing your hook
      4. Using a headline template
      5. Call to actions
      6. Features and benefits
      7. 3 levels of validation
      8. Getting setup in Launchrock
      9. OPTIONAL: Customizing your page with Canva
      10. FOLLOW ALONG: How I set up my Launchrock for Airbasket
      11. Subjective vs. objective and the importance of both
      12. Section 7 review material
      13. QUIZ: Landing pages, copywriting, CSPs, & more
    8. Pitching to soft targets - 55 Minutes

      1. What's duct tape marketing?
      2. Why we don't message our friends?
      3. The game plan
      4. Getting your 100: Reddit
      5. Getting your 100: Hacker News, Product Hunt
      6. Getting your 100: Blog attack
      7. Getting your 100: Honorable mentions
      8. Astroturfing
      9. Going over Launchrock results
      10. Approve/Deny - Simple pitch experiment
      11. Section 8 review material
      12. QUIZ: Guerilla promotion
    9. Upgrading your pitch experiment - 50 Minutes

      1. Upgrading our test and going for more
      2. 4 new bells & whistles
      3. Pick your tool
      4. Getting set up with Instapage
      5. Adding your new bells & whistles
      6. Introducing A/B testing
      7. Section 9 review material
      8. QUIZ: Test your marketing skills
    10. Testing your idea against paid traffic - 65 Minutes

      1. Setting up Facebook ads
      2. FOLLOW ALONG: Making the Airbasket FB strategy
      3. Setting up Google ads
      4. FOLLOW ALONG: Making the Airbasket Google ads strategy
      5. Going over your results
      6. FOLLOW ALONG: Assessing the Airbasket results
      7. Approve/Deny - Complex pitch experiment
      8. Section 10 review material
      9. QUIZ: Rapid advertising experiments
    11. Building a functional MVP - 60 Minutes

      1. Legos & Glue
      2. Writing out your function list
      3. Baseboards
      4. FOLLOW ALONG: Baseboard for Airbasket
      5. Legos
      6. FOLLOW ALONG: Legos for Airbasket
      7. Glue
      8. FOLLOW ALONG: Glue for Airbasket
      9. You finished the course!
      10. Section 11 review material
    12. DocsToGo follow along - 120 Minutes

      1. Smell test for Docs to Go
      2. Docs to Go's hypothesis
      3. Riskiest assumptions for Docs to Go
      4. Minimum criteria for success for Docs to Go
      5. User personas for Docs to Go
      6. Drill down on potential customers for Docs to Go
      7. Triage a list of 3 for Docs to Go
      8. Interesting article about the printing industry
      9. Finding competitors for Docs to Go
      10. How I'm doing customer interviews for Docs to Go
      11. Docs to Go: Interview #1 - Discussion
      12. Docs To Go Interview #2
      13. Docs to Go: Interview #2 - Discussion
      14. Docs To Go Interview #3
      15. Docs to Go: Interview #3 - Discussion
      16. Docs To Go Interview #4
      17. Docs to Go: Interview #4 - Discussion
      18. DocsToGo Interview #5
      19. Docs to Go: Interview #5 - Discussion
      20. How I setup my Launchrock for DocsToGo
      21. Changing our name
      22. The finished complex pitch experiment
      23. Behind the scenes: How I made my page

    About the Expert

    Evan Kimbrell

    Evan Kimbrell

    Hi, I'm Evan Kimbrell. Thanks for checking out my course. Currently, I'm the Founder, Director of Sprintkick, a referral based full service digital agency based out of San Francisco. Over the last 4 years, I've overseen the development and launch of over 100 web and mobile apps. Clients range from 1-2 man team startups bootstrapping their initial idea, to multibillion dollar Fortune 100s like Wal-Mart, Dick's Sporting Goods, & GNC. Previous to Sprintkick, I worked as a VC for a brand new firm called Juvo Capital, based out of L.A. I spearheaded the firms expansion into Silicon Valley deal flow and into Consumer Web tech category. Previous to working for Juvo, in the long long ago, I was a co-founder for a educational software startup called ScholarPRO that raised a ton of money and then spectacularly blew up (in the bad way). Before it exploded like the Death Star, I went through 5 tech incubators (yes 5) with Tech Stars, Excelerate Labs, MassChallenge, Babson Venture Program, and Sparkseed. I'm an avid AirBNB host for the Fishermans Wharf district of San Francisco. My space has the #1 search ranking for my area, has hosted over 200+ people, and is currently booking out 18 months in advance :) Over the last year I've helped multiple other hosts get their properties listed and maximize their price per night. Results range from an extra +50% in price for established hosts, and +400% for brand new hosts. Hope you enjoy my courses!
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