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Mobile Money

62 minutes of course content

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Course Description

Mobile Money has changed the life of millions of people in developing countries. In this course, you will learn what Mobile Money is, how it works and how you could use it for doing business. You will see real examples of business concepts from Kenya, the leading country in Mobile Money, and you will learn how you could transfer these ideas in your business field.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the principle of mobile money
  • Know the difference between mobile payment and mobile money
  • Recognize the relevance of mobile money
  • Understand how mobile money can be used for small businesses
  • Recognize the possibility of small start-ups with mobile money

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • Professionals who are looking for new business opportunities
  • Business people who are interested in small businesses and would like to start and investment in developing countries
  • Everyone who is interested in exploring hte usage of mobile technology

    1. Getting Started - 10 Minutes

      1. Welcome to Mobile Money
      2. About me and my expertise
      3. What you can expect
      4. What is Mobile Money?
      5. Let's summarize.
      6. What do you know about Mobile Money?
    2. What you should know about Mobile Money - 16 Minutes

      1. How Mobile Money works
      2. Let's summarize.
      3. Where is Mobile Money available?
      4. Let's summarize.
      5. Who uses Mobile Money?
      6. Let's summarize
      7. Is Mobile Money everywhere the same?
      8. Let's summarize
      9. Why Mobile Money is different from other mobile payment services and from cash
      10. Lets summarize
      11. Why this is all important
      12. Testimonials about Mobile Money
    3. Examples from practice - 12 Minutes

      1. Learning from the practice
      2. Example 1: How Mobile Money changed a whole country
      3. Let's summarize
      4. Example 2: Selling solar energy with Mobile Money
      5. What can we learn from M-Kopa Solar?
      6. Let's summarize
      7. What can we learn from M-Kopa Solar Part 2?
      8. Let's summarize
    4. How you could use Mobile Money for doing business - 14 Minutes

      1. How You could use Mobile Money
      2. Let's summarize
      3. Using Mobile Money for commission based business
      4. Let's summarize
      5. How street sale changes with Mobile Money
      6. Let's summarize
      7.  Mobile Money and investments
      8. Let's summarize
      9. Trust and efficiency
      10. Let's summarize
    5. Summary and Conclusion - 10 Minutes

      1. Final test about Mobile Money
      2. Now it is your turn!
      3. Thank you for joining this course on Mobile Money

    About the Expert

    Walter Dettling

    Walter Dettling

    University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland Mathematician and professor for mobile business
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