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Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

82 minutes of course content

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Course Description

Marcus Aurelius was Roman Emperor from 161 to 180 AD.
He faced attacks on the Empire from Germans in the North, Egypt in the south and on his Eastern flanks.
These conflicts exposed Rome's armies to plague, massacre and relentless guerrilla warfare.

Although not trained as a General, Aurelius campaigned on the battlefields with his men.
He kept journals whilst fighting wars (12 books in all) to collect his thoughts on his Fate and the vicissitudes of Life.

His "meditations" are a formula for remaining steadfast in the face of appalling circumstances.
Copies of his notes survived and one is kept in the Vatican library - great leaders have studied them for inspiration.

He argues that any conditions can be made tolerant through:

     1. Sound ongoing education and free thinking.

     2. Personal conclusions which one must draw about the way the Universe works to find meaning and purpose.

     3. Work from these first principles to determine the character traits needed to sustain a harmonious existence.

This system underpins the training of future leaders in English public schools and has found its way into Leadership Coaching and Personal Development training.

This course will give some context to Meditations.

 We link the core principles to the way you can Live and Lead today.

What are the requirements

  • No requirements although a genuine interest in ways to think in the face of challenges will help
  • Some knowledge of the history of the late Roman Empire might help but is not essential
  • An inquisitive frame of mind
  • Some knowledge of the Classical Greek and Roman texts might help but are not vital

After taking this course you will learn:

  • The core message and main arguments presented by Marcus Aurelius for finding meaning and purpose in adversity
  • Grasp the key repeating messages in under an hour
  • Simplification of one of the most important but tough to read books on living according to your values
  • An appreciation of why Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is taught to future leaders in British private schools
  • Capture the essence of an important work of literature which is extraordinarily difficult and time-consuming to read
  • Meditations is a near random collection of thoughts across 12 notebooks - this course distils the key repeating themes
  • Introduction to Marcus Aurelius's thoughts on Education and Free Thinking, Understanding Universal Principles and their impact on How to Live and Act well despite major life challenges
  • Understand the heart of his message without the need to decipher complex translations and avoiding repetition and a very depressing style of presentation with regular reminders of the imminence of Death - it is bleak reading
  • Apply the technique of Continuous Education, Free Thought and Exploration of Values in your own life choices
  • Recognise that however awful life might seem at times that there is a way to handle adversity

This Course is For:

    • Everyone is welcome in this course.
    1. Introduction - why take this course? - 17 Minutes

      1. Promotional Introduction
      2. Historical Context
      3. Summary of the Major Themes
    2. Education and Ways of Thinking - 25 Minutes

      1. Introduction to Education and Ways of Thinking
      2. Emotional Reactions to Considered Responses
      3. Spirituality and Logical Thinking
      4. Elevate the Mind and Free the Soul
      5. Big Themes - Cosmos, Psychology and History
      6. Four Habits of Thought
      7. Study the Great Thinkers
      8. SUMMARY of Education and Thinking
      9. Selected Quotes on Education
    3. World View and Conclusions from Learning - 25 Minutes

      1. Introduction World View and Conclusions from Learning
      2. On Human Life
      3. From Science to Politics
      4. Inner Peace
      5. Metaphor for Community
      6. The Gods v Science Dilemma
      7. And then you die
      8. Summary of World View and Conclusions from Learning
    4. Admired Character Traits - 15 Minutes

      1. Introduction to Book 1 - Debts and Lessons
      2. Book One Chapters 1 to 3 Character Integrity Simplicity
      3. Book 0ne Chapters 4 to 6 - Education and Enduring Hardship
      4. Book One Chapter 7 - Epictetus
      5. Book One Chapter 8 Logos
      6. Book One Chapter 9 Strength through loving kindness
      7. Book One Chapters 10 to 13 Getting along with others
      8. Book One Chapter 14 On Liberty
      9. Book One Chapter 15 Virtues of a Good Friend
      10. Book One Chapter 16 Flattery does get you everywhere
      11. Book One Chapter 17 Thank God for Family
      12. Final Summary

    About the Expert

    Peter Urey

    Peter Urey

    Peter Urey graduated in 1982 from Christ Church at the University of Oxford, MA with a degree in Law (Jurisprudence). His experience encompasses a 30-year career in Sales, Marketing and Management in the IT sector; 14 years with Hewlett Packard culminating in Director-level appointment in the Printer Division; and 5 years as freelance Career Development Coach, with clients that include Symantec, Epson, Canon, and more. As a specialist in techniques designed to clarify the meaning of words and establish understanding, his guiding mantra is "Quality of Life is Quality of Communication." Peter follows principles governed by the philosophical system of Logical Positivism as taught at Oxford University. Additionally, he is a student of Marian Way, author of "Clean Approaches for Coaches." Aside from his professional life, Peter is a father of three adult children and has been married for 29 years. He also has a black belt in Karate, which inspires and informs his career coaching.
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