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Intro to Entrepreneurship: Get started as an Entrepreneur

440 minutes of course content

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Course Description

Starting your own business is scary. Really scary. How do you know if your idea is any good? Or if your customers will ever show up? How do you know... what you're doing at all? There's no place, degree, or university that can teach you how to become a successful entrepreneur. You just have to get out there and learn everything for yourself. One step at a time....

Right? Wrong.

Entrepreneurship is not a mythical, illusive creature and it's not a secret that's hidden behind doors. You can learn how to become a successful entrepreneur and you can learn how to prepare yourself.

In this course, we're going to do just that. You're going to learn everything you need to know about being an entrepreneur.

It's everything you need to get started. You'll go from 0 to Entrepreneur in no time.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply the core concepts of entrepreneurship to your endeavor(s)
  • Focus your entrepreneurial efforts according to the correct venture process flow
  • Understand the roles and expectations required of you as your idea conceptualizes and grows
  • Understand the business modeling and how new business models are creating exponentially more opportunity
  • Apply the concept of scalability as an assessment tool
  • Understand the core concepts behind the Lean Startup Framework
  • Create a pitch experiment & MVP based off your business idea
  • Understand what options are available for financing your business
  • Plan a strategy for attracting and pitching angel investors and venture capital
  • Generate business ideas that are insightful and actionable
  • Understand business dynamics as they relate to idea generation
  • Analyze four different sections of the business value chain for potential opportunities
  • Apply five different types of core innovation
  • Understand new, disruptive business models like Saas, sharing economy, & PWYW
  • Quickly evaluate and re-prioritize ideas based off five dimensions
  • Understand the value of your ideas and what to focus on first


This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • Anyone interested in starting their own business and becoming self employed
  • Anyone interested in becoming a successful entrepreneur

    1. Introduction to the course - 10 Minutes

      1. Course overview
    2. What is an entrepreneur? - 18 Minutes

      1. What is an entrepreneur?
      2. Myths about entrepreneurship
      3. Common personality traits
      4. The most important trait of all
      5. Age & Entrepreneurship
      6. ACTIVITY: Test your Entrepreneurial Aptitude
      7. QUIZ: Test your understanding of entrepreneurs
      8. Section 2 review material
    3. The entrepreneurial mindset - 20 Minutes

      1. Intro to Section 3
      2. The entrepreneurial mindset
      3. Understanding the business life cycle
      4. The different types of income
      5. The process of opportunity recognition
      6. RESOURCES: Suggested reading for Entrepreneurship
      7. Section 3 review material
      8. QUIZ: Core concepts & Terms
    4. The different paths you can take - 16 Minutes

      1. Intro to section 4
      2. Lifestyle entrepreneurs
      3. Side businesses
      4. Startup founders
      5. Social entrepreneurs
      6. Section 4 review material
      7. QUIZ: Do you understand the different types of entrepreneurs?
    5. Core concepts & frameworks - 24 Minutes

      1. Intro to section 5
      2. Service vs. Product businesses
      3. What is a business model?
      4. Old business models
      5. New, disruptive business models
      6. Scalability
      7. Section 5 review material
      8. QUIZ: Review of core business concepts
    6. Validating your idea - 35 Minutes

      1. What is validation?
      2. Surveys
      3. Talking to experts
      4. The lean startup framework
      5. Pitch experiments
      6. Creating an MVP
      7. Section 6 review material
      8. QUIZ: Validating your ideas
    7. Fundraising - 50 Minutes

      1. Know your options
      2. Bootstrapping
      3. FFF & Angels
      4. Equity & Debt
      5. Loans
      6. Venture capital
      7. Incubators
      8. Business plans & One pagers
      9. Section 7 review material
      10. QUIZ: Fundraising
    8. Introduction to idea generation - 6 Minutes

      1. Your most important tool - the scratchpad
      2. ACTIVITY: Idea lister builder
      3. WORKSHEET: Idea Lister Builder
      4. Section 8 review material
    9. Laying the groundwork - 44 Minutes

      1. The idea equation
      2. Areas to isolate & target
      3. 5 types of innovation
      4.  Recap of idea dynamics
      5. Section 9 review material
      6. QUIZ: Concepts from Section 9
    10. Making it fit - 60 Minutes

      1. Intro to Section 10
      2. The Fit quadrant: Hobbies & Passions
      3. The Fit quadrant: Skills & Experiences
      4. ACTIVITY: Hobbies, Passions, Skills, & Experience
      5. WORKSHEET: Hobbies, passions, skills, & experience
      6. ACTIVITY: List out your goals
      7. WORKSHEET: Fill out your goals
      8. The 3 business types: Pick yours
      9. How good does my idea have to be?
      10. The Eureka Myth
      11. Section 10 review material
      12. QUIZ: Making it fit
    11. Ways of coming up with ideas - 61 Minutes

      1. Problem-based business ideas
      2. Wouldn't it be great if
      3. Imagine the future
      4. Reverse imagination
      5. The Fit generator
      6. Cater to power users
      7. Reposition Good / Fast / Cheap
      8. Section 11 review material
      9. QUIZ: Ways of coming up with ideas
    12. Business models - 61 Minutes

      1. Saas: Software as a Service
      2. Subscriptions & Memberships
      3. PWYW: Pay what you want
      4. The sharing economy
      5. Marketplaces
      6. On Demand
      7. Curated Boxes
      8. DTC: Direct to Consumer
      9. Crowdsourced catalogs & inventory
      10. Section 12 review material
      11. QUIZ: Business models
    13. Evaluate & test - 35 Minutes

      1. Intro to Section 13
      2. Matching Fit
      3. Sustainability
      4. Path to validation
      5. Section 13 review material
      6. QUIZ: Evaluate & test

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    Evan Kimbrell

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