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How to Build Your Brand into a Highly Recognised, Profitable and Much Loved Household Name

89 minutes of course content

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Course Description

Want to build your brand into a highly recognised and much loved name? Then this programme is the perfect fit for you.

This step-by-step course empowers you to build your brand so that it is distinctive, different and memorable so you can make it the number one preferred choice in your target market and ultimately increase your sales.

You see if you want a really vibrant successful brand you have to inject it with purpose, meaning, stories and feelings because this is what makes your brand matter more to your customers — this is the brand building course where we lift the lid on all the insider professional secrets and show you how.

      After taking this course, you will be able to:

      • Make your brand standout with higher perceived value than your competitors so you can increase your sales and your profits
      • Discover how to attract more of your ideal audience so you can become the visible leader and get more loyal customers faster
      • Map out the blueprint or roadmap for your brand so you have a strong brand building strategy aligned to your business goals now and into the future
      • Build a compelling brand which enables you to avoid price wars or discounting so you can charge a premium for your product or service
      • Identify and profile your different customer types so you can leverage your brand to really meet each of their various needs with the result they all want to buy from you
      • Make your different products or services (multiple brands) work effectively together to avoid customer confusion and so you can leverage new product introductions successfully
      • Discover how successful brands and branding works so you can model and apply those proven systems to grow your business
      • Get complete clarity and focus on what your brand stands for and what makes it different so it has much stronger recognition amongst your customers and you can sell it effectively
      • Ensure your staff, colleagues, stakeholders and partners become effective brand ambassadors empowered by you, selling your brand with the same consistent message to your customers and prospects
      • Produce your detailed brand brief for third parties so you can direct and control what you want with your brand designs, copywriting, photography and advertising to get the right results, on time and within budget to grow your business
      • Avoid some of the most costly and common mistakes typically made by most SMBs/SMEs and small business owners
      • Create a valuable intellectual property asset so you have a legacy to pass onto your family or more choices if you are ever seeking investment or selling your business

      This course is for you if you’re considering a new brand launch, brand revitalisation or total rebrand:

      • Business Owners
      • Entrepreneurs
      • Brand Owners
      • SME's / SMB's
      • Startup Visionaries
      • Brand Managers
      • Marketeers
      • Consultants
      • Professional Services
      • Coaches
      • Authors
      • Brand Types: Service, Product, Corporate, B2B, B2C

          1. Welcome - 2 Minutes

            1. Welcome to The Personality Profile Performer™ Brand Building Course
            2. What do you already know about branding?
          2. Section 1: Brands and Branding 101 Introduction - 12 Minutes

            1. Section 1: Brands & Branding 101 Introduction
            2. Brand Love Hate Worksheet
          3. Section 2: Meaning Matters™ - 7 Minutes

            1. Section 2: Meaning Matters™
          4. Section 3: Pole Positioning™ - 12 Minutes

            1. Section 3: Pole Positioning™
            2. Pole Positioning™ Worksheet
          5. Section 4: Hierarchy Systemiser™ - 7 Minutes

            1. Section 4: Hierarchy Systemiser™
            2. Hierarchy Systemizer™ Worksheet
          6. Section 5: Purchaser Personas™ - 7 Minutes 

            1. Section 5: Purchaser Personas™
            2. Purchaser Personas™ Builder Worksheet
            3. Purchaser Personas™ Sample Questions Worksheet
          7. Section 6: Values Validators™ - 10 Minutes

            1. Section 6: Values Validators™
            2. Brand Values Builder Worksheet
            3. Brand Values Challenger Questions
          8. Section 7: Mission Motivators™ - 6 Minutes

            1. Section 7: Mission Motivators™
            2. Mission Motivators™ Worksheet
          9. Section 8: Personality Prober™ - 8 Minutes

            1. Section 8: Personality Prober™
            2. Archetypes Worksheet
          10. Section 9: Potent Promises™ - 5 Minutes

            1. Section 9: Potent Promises™
            2. Brand Promise Worksheet
          11. Section 10: Stellar Stories™ plus Bonus Material - 15 Minutes

            1. Section 10: Stellar Stories™ plus Bonus Materials
            2. Brand Story Worksheet
            3. Brand Snapshot Summary Checklist
            4. Brand Collateral Checklist
            5. Bonus: Colour Psychology Tips
            6. Bonus: Brand Identity Brief Template, Band Asset Management Tips, Competitive Tender Tips and Letter Templates
          12. What do you now know about branding? - 2 Minutes

            1. What do you now know about branding? 

          About the Expert

          Lorraine Carter

          Lorraine Carter

          Lorraine Carter, Adv. Dip. Des. DIT, MMII, MIDI, MICAD, is founder and principal of Persona Branding and Design, a multi-disciplinary branding and design company leading their clients to become No. 1 in their target market. A winner of numerous awards over 20 plus years, she takes no-name companies and transforms them into highly recognised brand names. She’s worked with brands from a multitude of sectors for both the national and international markets, many of which are household names. As a professional branding expert, international speaker, writer, mentor and designer her skill lies in empowering you to make your brand highly visible, different, memorable and much loved by your ideal customers—so that you can command lead position, increase your success, and most importantly, grow your profitability. Lorraine is also creator of the Persona Brand Building Blueprint™ System together with multiple online brand building e-programmes and the Persona Brand Building Blueprint™ Mastermind—a two day brand building intensive specially developed for ambitious entrepreneurs, brand managers and business owners. A regular speaker at international conferences and seminars, she also facilitates and delivers private inhouse programmes in effective brand creation, building and management, is Winner of Best Blog Ireland of an SME / SMB and is also a former winner of Business Woman of the Year, Dublin and listed as one of the top 1,000 Women of Influence in Ireland in the Irish Tatler Business Annual. She’s also featured in The Sunday Business Post Newspaper, ICOGRADA, Irish Times Newspaper, Law Society Gazette, Design&Design, Retail News, Creativ Verpacken, Irish Packaging Year Book, Irish Tatler Magazine and Food Ireland to name a few.
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