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Facebook Marketing: Grow Your Business with Retargeting

94 minutes of course content

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Course Description

Facebook Marketing: How To Grow Your Business With Retargeting

This course will reveal to you the power of Facebook retargeting and how to take action on the latest trends in digital marketing!

Retargeting is the most powerful advertising feature you can have access to at this very moment. It has leveraged the profits of many businesses across virtually all industries – that's why you shouldn't miss out on this opportunity!

If you want to change the economics of your business and get access to four proven retargeting strategies to scale your business instantly, then this training is perfect for you.

Learn how to use retargeting and deploy our four proven core strategies to increase your revenue instantly!

In this class, you will discover how to use retargeting to:

  • Promote your content
  • Get more leads
  • Build your fan base
  • Sell products and services
Step Into the World of Retargeting

This course will walk you through all the steps in order to deploy Facebook retargeting to increase the success of your business.

First, you'll learn what retargeting is and why it is so effective. We'll also take a look at how retargeting changed the economics of a company you probably have heard about.

After covering the fundamentals of retargeting, we will take the first steps together. You can look over my shoulder and learn how to integrate a retargeting pixel and discover the basic process of creating a custom audience.

Once your retargeting pixel is in place, we'll dive deep into four main core strategies. I'll walk you through step-by-step how to use retargeting to promote your content, get more leads, more fans and sell your products and services.

In this context, we'll cover basic strategic concepts along with an entire walkthrough of setting up retargeting lists and retargeting campaigns. This will allow you to pick any strategy and deploy retargeting instantly.

By the time you complete the course, you'll be ready to set up profitable retargeting campaigns, reduce your advertising costs and increase your revenue.

What are the requirements?

  • Computer with Internet access
  • Following the step-by-step instructions
  • $10 advertising budget for your first campaign

      After taking this course, you will be able to:

      • Learn how to deploy retargeting to promote your content, get more fans, grow your email list and sell more products and services
      • Discover how retargeting will help you to reduce your advertising costs and increase your revenue
      • Learn what retargeting is, why it is so effective and how it will impact your business
      • Actionable step-by-step instructions on how to create retargeting lists and set up targeted Facebook campaigns
      • Four proven retargeting strategies that will accelerate your business growth
      • Detailed step-by-step instructions, case studies and live step of Facebook campaigns
      • ... and much more!

      This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

      • Beginner & intermediate marketers
      • Businesses of all sizes
      • Students in the process of establishing their first business

        1. Harnessing The Power Of Facebook Retargeting - 21 Minutes

          1. Welcome to my training!
          2. What is Retargeting?
          3. Does Retargeting Work?
          4. Why Is Retargeting So Effective?
          5. When Should I Use Retargeting?
        2. Getting Started - Let’s Take The First Step - 11 Minutes

          1. How To Install A Retargeting Pixel
          2. Outsourcing - Let Others Do The Work For You
          3. How To Create A Custom Audience
        3. Core Strategy No. #1 - Content Retargeting - 11 Minutes

          1. How Content Retargeting Works
          2. How To Create A Retargeting List To Promote Your Content
          3. How To Set Up Facebook Ads
        4. Core Strategy No. #2 - Generate Fans - 10 Minutes

          1. How To Build A Thriving Fan Base With Retargeting
          2. How To Create A Retargeting List To Grow Your Fan Community
          3. How To Set Up Facebook Ads
        5. Core Strategy No. #3 - Grow Your Email List - 30 Minutes

          1. How To Generate Leads with Retargeting - Method #1
          2. How To Create A Retargeting List To Grow Your Email List
          3. How To Set Up Facebook Ads
          4. How To Generate Leads With Retargeting - Method #2
          5. How To Set Up Facebook Ads
          6. How To Generate Leads with Retargeting - Method #3
          7. How To Create A Retargeting List To Generate Leads
          8. How To Set Up Facebook Ads
        6. Core Strategy No. #4 - Selling Products - 11 Minutes

          1. How To Sell Your Products And Services With Retargeting
          2. How To Create A Retargeting List To Sell Products And Services
          3. How To Set Up Facebook Ads
          4. Congratulations!

        About the Expert

        Patrick Dermak

        Patrick Dermak

        I am passionate entrepreneur, performance marketer and a leading instructor. Let me tell you my story: After graduating from high school, I had the passion to become a lawyer. During law school, I worked for leading law firms like Baker & McKenzie, Freshfields, Deloitte and the German Ministry of Justice. I was a top student and really enjoyed what I had been doing. But somehow it didn't feel right, I needed to take a break and rethink my life. In my third year of law school, I decided to spend a year abroad and take the chance to obtain a Master's Degree in Intellectual Property Law in the wonderful Silicon Valley. I packed my stuff, booked a flight to California, but had absolutely no clue how much my life would turn upside down. Long story short: I found the inspiration I had been looking for all my life. Almost every person I met was a founder. Some of them failed 9 times in a row, but they kept on trying until they succeeded. Some of them were just 18 years old, some of them were 70. I wanted to become just like them. I had no clue how to get started, but what I did have was plenty of passion and energy to make things happen. I spent the daytime in the library studying for my exams and worked at night to build my first business. It took me almost one year to succeed working 100+ hours a week, but I stuck at it and eventually got it right and established my first successful online business. I didn't make millions, but it gave me the necessary confidence to keep going and realize what I truly wanted: To build businesses and change the life of other people. Today, I am the CEO & co-founder of Baydream Media, a digital media publishing company. Besides that, I am the co-founder of Adbaker and Madfox Media, two performance marketing agencies with offices in Munich, Cologne & New York. Together with my team we are consulting with start-ups, medium and large sized companies. My primary field of expertise is Facebook advertising, funnel design and customer relationship management. One year ago, I decided to take the next step and share my knowledge with those who are ready to grow their own business. By today, I've sold more than 250,000 trainings, established multiple successful online businesses and coached hundreds of students, revealing the power of scaling businesses with Facebook Ads. Feel free to check out my course portfolio and let's see if we can work together.
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