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eBay - The Ultimate eBay Drop Shipping Strategy

31 minutes of course content

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Course Description

Do You Want The Ultimate Strategy For eBay Dropshipping That You've Ever Seen?

A strategy that automates your income, requires NO RISK, NO INVESTMENT, NO SHIPPING and that takes ONLY MINUTES TO DO?

You've heard of dropshipping - and it sounds like an amazing way to make money on eBay...

But did you know about all the pitfalls involved in doing dropshipping the "traditional way"?

Most people who dropship end up experiencing negative feedback due to bad inventory management and making promises they can't deliver on.

But, did you know that there is a FAR BETTER way to do dropshipping?

In fact, this way is so amazing, I've used it to make many tens of thousands of dollars over the last 17 years!

With my exclusive dropshipping strategy, you benefit in so many ways...

  • You have ZERO investment in merchandise
  • You have potentially unlimited merchandise that you can sell
  • You enjoy full control over your business
  • You don't risk your eBay feedback rating
  • You do ZERO picking, packing and shipping
  • and most importantly...
  • You have ZERO COMPETITION because you OWN the market...

If you are excited about dropshipping, be sure you take this course FIRST, because I'm going to show you the RIGHT way to do dropshipping so that you enjoy all the benefits I just described.

You will also learn:

  • How to automate your income so that all you do is process payments!
  • How I make $70 in 3 minutes.
  • How one of my students makes $14,000 a month with only 80 minutes of work
  • How to make eBay do all the "heavy lifting" for you and you just make the money.
  • How you can build multiple exclusive dropshipping arrangements (as many as you want) so that you have an ongoing, passive income from eBay!

Your mind will be blown by all the exciting things you will learn in this brief, power-packed course.

    After taking this course, you will be able to:

    • Implement this proven strategy to make money on eBay, the easy way.
    • Make money on eBay with zero packing and shipping.
    • Use a far better dropshipping strategy than most people use.
    • Automate your income so that you make more money with less effort.
    • Make money on eBay with zero investment.
    • Make money on eBay with zero competition!
    • Be in full control of your eBay business and your feedback rating.

    This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

    • Anyone who wants to learn an easy way to build wealth by using eBay.
    • Anyone who wants to discover a proven way to have an eBay business where most of the work is done for you and you just process payments.
    • Anyone who wants to learn the Ultimate Dropshipping Strategy.
    • You should NOT take this course if you are not willing to do some initial research work up front.
    • You should NOT take this course if you are looking for an overly complicated way to make money. This is simple
    • You should NOT take this course if you believe that it takes many hours learning in order to learn a powerful, proven way to make money on eBay. This course is short and sweet and only meat.

    1. Introduction - 1 Minute

      1. Introduction
    2. The Traditional Dropshipping Business Model VS. The Exclusive Model - 6 Minutes

      1. What Is Dropshipping? The Traditional Way
      2. Let's Compare Traditional Dropshipping VS. Exclusive Dropshipping 
    3. My Discovery And How I've Helped Many Others With This Strategy - 8 Minutes

      1.  How I Discovered This Amazingly Profitable eBay Dropshipping Strategy
      2. Exclusive Dropshipping Success Stories - How Others Have Used This Strategy 
    4. A Variety Of Proven Ways To Find These Exclusive eBay Dropshipping Relationships 5 Lectures - 14 Minutes

      1. Advertising For Deals
      2. Etsy
      3. Trade Shows
      4. Home Shows | Car Shows | RV Shows
      5. Flea Markets And Your Product Sourcing Mindset 
    5.  Conclusion - 2 Minutes

      1.  Conclusion

    About the Expert

    Dave Espino

    Dave Espino

    Be successful with proven, real-world strategies If you want to be successful in your own business, then one of the most important decisions you'll make is the proper choice of a seasoned mentor who can guide you to success. And when it comes to online marketing and selling, I believe you have found the right mentor in me. My mission is simple: To make a difference in your life by helping you succeed in your own online business. In every one of my courses, you'll see that I am always available and always offer you support through each course. I rejoice in your success and help you through any obstacles! In the many positive course reviews my courses get, most people like the lively and encouraging teaching style that I convey as well as how I get right to the point and walk you, step-by-step through proven, real-world, proven strategies. You'll notice that my courses get many 5-star ratings & reviews and my student satisfaction ratings also reflect this. Here's a little background on my experiences, so you can get a sense of who will be teaching & mentoring you: A lifelong entrepreneur, I've been marketing online since 1999, and have owned over 30 websites, marketing across most platforms, including online, offline, TV, podcasts, webinars, webcasts, social media and radio. (You name it, I've done it!) I've been teaching business strategies via live seminars / webinars since 2000, and then through video training courses since 2001. (You'll find my courses below this bio - and all of my courses have at least 10 minutes of free previews available to you, so you can quickly determine the courses that are right for you!) For 11 years, I hosted my own TV show where I introduced millions across America to the benefits of selling online. My show was seen on CNBC, Fox Business, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel and most other major cable networks. With over $140 million of my video training products sold via TV and Online, I am honored to be your mentor and guide and I'm looking forward to helping YOU reach your goals through the wonderful business of online marketing!
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