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Deep Learning with TensorFlow

120 minutes of course content

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Course Description

Channel the power of deep learning with Google's TensorFlow!

In Detail

Deep learning is the intersection of statistics, artificial intelligence, and data to build accurate models and TensorFlow is one of the newest and most comprehensive libraries for implementing deep learning. With deep learning going mainstream, making sense of data and getting accurate results using deep networks is possible. This course is your guide to exploring the possibilities with deep learning; it will enable you to understand data like never before. With the efficiency and simplicity of TensorFlow, you will be able to process your data and gain insights that will change how you look at data.

With this video course, you will dig your teeth deeper into the hidden layers of abstraction using raw data. This course will offer you various complex algorithms for deep learning and various examples that use these deep neural networks. You will also learn how to train your machine to craft new features to make sense of deeper layers of data. During the video course, you will come across topics such as logistic regression, convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, training deep networks, high level interfaces, and more.

With the help of novel practical examples, you will become an ace at advanced multilayer networks, image recognition, and beyond.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Explore various possibilities with deep learning and gain amazing insights from data using Google’s brainchild—TensorFlow
  • Want to learn what more can be done with deep learning? Explore various neural networks with the help of this comprehensive guide!
  • Rich in concepts, this is an advanced guide on deep learning that will give you the background to innovate in your environment

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • If you are a data scientist who performs machine learning on a regular basis, are familiar with deep neural networks, and now want to gain expertise working with convoluted neural networks, then this course is for you.

      1. Getting Started - 26 Minutes

        1. The Course Overview
        2. Installing TensorFlow
        3. Simple Computations
        4. Logistic Regression Model Building
        5. Logistic Regression Training
      2. Deep Neural Networks - 25 Minutes

        1. Basic Neural Nets
        2. Single Hidden Layer Model
        3. Single Hidden Layer Explained
        4. Multiple Hidden Layer Model
        5. Multiple Hidden Layer Results
      3. Convolutional Neural Networks - 39 Minutes

        1. Convolutional Layer Motivation
        2. Convolutional Layer Application
        3. Pooling Layer Motivation
        4. Pooling Layer Application
        5. Deep CNN
        6. Deeper CNN
        7. Wrapping Up Deep CNN
      4. Recurrent Neural Networks - 23 Minutes

        1. Introducing Recurrent Neural Networks
        2. skflow
        3. RNNs in skflow
      5. Wrapping Up - 7 Minutes

        1. Research Evaluation
        2. The Future of TensorFlow

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