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Customer-Inspired: How to Achieve and Sustain Growth in the 21st Century

65 minutes of course content

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Course Description

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What do brands like In-N-Out Burger, Ace Hardware, Trader Joe’s, Kaiser Permanente, Nordstrom, and Mary Kay have in common? Here’s a hint: none of them are leading national advertisers. But all are cherished by consumers over their industry peers. How is that possible? These and other companies that are thriving today intuitively “get” their customers, continually creating experiences, products, and services that resonate. They are creating sustainable growth not on the backs of their customers, but through relationships with them.

Champions of “customer-centricity” have long believed in this approach, arguing that companies that infuse the customer voice and experience into all they do and demonstrate both intuition and empathy, realize superior marketplace performance. But until recently, that was a difficult premise to prove.

In this introductory course, we’ll dig into the five attributes of customer-inspired companies in general, and explore how these crucial qualities vary by industry. But we’ll go beyond theory and arm you with evidence, sharing both primary and secondary research proving that “customer-inspired” companies perform better relative to their competitors on some key performance indicators, including Return on Assets. Finally, we’ll equip you to with some strategies to help you start (or continue) the process of building a more customer-inspired organization.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

    • Demonstrate that companies who have more empathetic and intuitive relationships with their customers outperform their peers in revenue growth and ROA
    • Internally sell the business benefits of being customer-inspired
    • Identify the five crucial attributes and relationship behaviors of customer-inspired companies
    • Begin to assess your organizational obstacles and opportunities to more systematically design the customer into your company

    Subsequent courses in this curriculum will drill down on specific methods for building more customer-inspired organizations, including:

    • Diagnosing Organizational Readiness for Customer Inspiration
    • Using Consumer Ethnography to Build more Intuitive Companies
    • Co-Creating the Customer Experience
    • Using Prediction Markets to Find and Refine Relevant, Emotionally Rewarding Products
    • Advancing from Insight to Impact

    This course is for professionals within the following business functions: 

    • Anyone in the C-suite
    • Consumer Insights Professionals
    • Product Innovation/R&D Professionals

        1. Welcome

        1. Welcome Video

        2. The Growth Imperative - 10 Minutes

        1. The Growth Imperative Video
        2. First quiz
        3. Feedback on Quiz 1

        3. Measuring and Making the Case for Customer Inspired Growth - 20 Minutes

        1. Making the Case for Customer Inspired Growth
        2. Second quiz
        3. Feedback on Quiz 2

        4. Five Crucial Attributes of Customer Inspired Companies - 30 Minutes

        1. Five Crucial Attributes of Customer Inspired Companies - Part 1
        2. Five Crucial Attributes -- Part 2
        3. Customer Inspired Diagnostic Quiz

        5. Conclusion - 5 Minutes

        1. Scoring Yourself on the Diagnostic Quiz
        2. Conclusion

        About the Expert

        Julie Schlack

        Julie Schlack

        One of the founding members of the global consumer collaboration agency, C Space, Julie has been instrumental in designing and continually evolving C Space’s offerings. By day she leads a Product Innovation team whose mission is to develop and test new methodologies for engaging customers’ hearts and minds in collaborating with the companies that serve them. By night, she is an essayist, college instructor, and published author of fiction and narrative nonfiction. And 24 hours a day, she is a devoted fan of storytelling and meaning-making in all of its myriad forms. Julie has written numerous white papers for C Space, and her articles have been published in The Harvard Business Review Online, Mashable, Marketing Profs, Marketing Week, Media Post, and numerous other business publications.
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