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Constructive Feedback and Appraisals

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Course Description

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"The problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place." George Bernard Shaw

Giving constructive feedback is a critical skill if you have responsibility for developing the skills of others.
This could be in a small business, corporation, school or public institutions.

This course is about delivering feedback and appraisals which are free from the misunderstanding which arises from making assumptions about what is said.

Course Highlights:

  • When feedback is supported by the evidence of what you have seen and heard and how it made you think and feel then the recipient is more likely to be able to comprehend and react appropriately.
  • We introduce the power of metaphor as the best way to express what you see and hear and think and feel.
  • Case studies are used so that you can hear the words of good feedback sessions being given and model them to suit your own feedback sessions.
  • The course will take 40 minutes to complete followed by regular practice.
  • Take this course if your success depends on the performance of others or if people are looking to you for advice and support for their own personal development.
  • Suitable for small business owners, corporate or public sector leaders and educators.
  • It also has application in personal situations.
  • As stated, the problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place. Using this technique you can be certain you will be understood.
  • The guiding mantra is - "Quality of Life is Quality of Communication."

In essence, we all have a Primary Processing Language grounded in metaphor. By using metaphor appropriately both giver and receiver of feedback learn and grow.

This Course is For:

  • Anyone in the C-suite
  • Business Owners
  • HR Directors
  • Merger and Acquisitions Teams
  • Takeover Specialists
  1. Introduction - 5 minutes

    1. How effective is the feedback you give?
    2. Survey to explore your attitudes and assumptions about the feedback you give
  2. The illusion that communication has taken place - 5 minutes

    1. Why feedback fails and assumptions about the meaning of words
    2. Other reasons feedback fails and a case study in what not to do!
  3. The Fundamentals and Examples - 11 minutes 

    1. The Fundamental Structure of Constructive Feedback
    2. Hearing the voice of constructive feedback - case studies
    3. Scenario: Observing a new sales person
    4. Scenario: Observing a nervous speaker
  4. Our Primary Processing Language - 3 minutes

    1. Introduction to Metaphor
  5. Eating your own dog food - 14 minutes

    1. Using metaphor to set up constructive feedback
    2. Anti-Assumption Tool
    3. Learning at your best is like what?
    4. Something that would work better for me is...
    5. Delivering constructive feedback at your best is like what?
  6. So what did we learn here? - 8 minutes

    1. Summary
    2. Test your ability to recognise constructive feedback
    3. Test your ability to recognise constructive feedback now

About the Expert

Peter Urey

Peter Urey

Peter Urey graduated in 1982 from Christ Church at the University of Oxford, MA with a degree in Law (Jurisprudence). His experience encompasses a 30-year career in Sales, Marketing and Management in the IT sector; 14 years with Hewlett Packard culminating in Director-level appointment in the Printer Division; and 5 years as freelance Career Development Coach, with clients that include Symantec, Epson, Canon, and more. As a specialist in techniques designed to clarify the meaning of words and establish understanding, his guiding mantra is "Quality of Life is Quality of Communication." Peter follows principles governed by the philosophical system of Logical Positivism as taught at Oxford University. Additionally, he is a student of Marian Way, author of "Clean Approaches for Coaches." Aside from his professional life, Peter is a father of three adult children and has been married for 29 years. He also has a black belt in Karate, which inspires and informs his career coaching.
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