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Configuring Synology Network Attached Storage Appliances

204 minutes of course content

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Course Description

Have you heard about storage, SAN, NAS? Are these concepts new to you or are you curious to find out more? Do you want to learn how to configure a Synology Storage appliance?

Well then, you've come to the right place!

In this course you will learn how to work with the Synology network attached storage appliances, which will give you many functions that will help you everyday. You'll get to create your own private cloud storage that can rival Dropbox, learn how to connect and record footage from IP surveillance cameras, learn how to create files, shared folders, volumes and even how to install and use a web server on the unit and many more.

    After taking this course, you will be able to:

    • You'll be able to take a Synology storage appliance and configure the multitude of functions, while also working with it to be more productive in your day-to-day operations. On top of that, you'll know how to keep your data safe!

    This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

    • This prerequisites for this course are basic networking knowledge, basic hard drives and storage knowledge and generally a desire to learn new things.

      1. Intro - 3 Minutes

        1. Introduction to Synology and NAS systems
      2. Initial setup and walkthrough - 40 Minutes

        1. DSM Assistant and First Connection
        2. Network connectivity
        3. Update, restore and password reset
        4. System setup
        5. Storage Manager
      3. System and Services Configurations - 160 Minutes

        1. Users and Groups
        2. Configure shared folders
        3. Configure and use file services and the FileStation Utility
        4. Integrate with AD
        5. WiFi and Bluetooth
        6. Security
        7. Security Advisor
        8. External devices
        9. Task scheduler and Power schedule
        10. DHCP - quickconnect and external access
        11. High Availability
        12. Resource Monitor and Logs
        13. Package Center
        14. Antivirus
        15. Storage Analyzer
        16. Document viewer and Notes
        17. DNS server
        18. Cloudstation
        19. Downloadstation
        20. Docker
        21. Mail Server and Mail Station
        22. Surveillance station
        23. Web station and Wordpress
        24. Hyper backup
      4. Conclusion - 1 Minute

        1. Conclusion

      About the Expert

      Daniel Botescu

      Daniel Botescu

      I am an IT professional with more than 12 years of experience in multiple segments of Information Technology. I hold an BS in Computer Science and an MSC in Information Security apart from multiple industry leading certifications like Project Management Professional, VMWare VCP, Microsoft MCSA, Citrix CCA to name just a few. My skills span from virtual infrastructures to IT operations, from networking to IP video surveillance. I also believe in continued education and continue to improve my skill set everyday, also one of the reasons of starting as an instructor here on Teaching has also been an integral part of my professional life, having transferred project knowledge to personnel from client companies, organized workshops and demos or participating in live events and conferences. If you don't learn something new one day, you lost that day!
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