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College Spoken Chinese Beginning 2: The Quickest Way of Learning Conversational Chinese

290 minutes of course content

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Course Description

I am excited to announce to you that here comes the second sequel of College Spoken Chinese Fast Class: the quickest way of learning conversation Chinese. I am an award-winning professor of Chinese for 16 years at prestigious American colleges with two PhDs in Chinese and comparative language and literature. The quickest way of acquiring spoken language is the way we learned a language during our childhood: from mouth to mouth, without any written script. While without an explaining medium language, a baby has to figure out the meaning of the sentences from recurring situations, we, as adult learners, can even further enhance the speed by minimal, explaining medium language (here is English). The sequence of "College Spoken Chinese Series: The quickest way of learning conversational Chinese" has four courses. Each course takes you only 4 hours (30-40 minutes each day for the two dialogues of each lesson, you can finish the course in a week), the four courses will allow you to master spoken Chinese included in two year's college Chinese curriculum (without the written character requirement of course) in just 16 hours. You will be able to conduct conversation fluently in all realms of daily life, including greeting, family, time, hobbies, visit friends, make appointment, study Chinese, school life, go shopping, weather, traffic, dining, library, renting apartment, book air ticket, traveling, etc. Not just random teaching of some key sentences in a situation, but full-body real-life conversation that encompasses exactly two year's college Chinese curriculum (based on the same range of vocabulary, grammar and situation dialogues)! This sequence can be for any new-learners of Chinese, but don't mistake it for just new learners! It is immeasurable valuable for those students who have already studied Chinese for years but need to make his pronunciation as accurate, his speech as fluent as native speakers through the teacher's all-talking head videos emphasizing the mouth shape of pronunciation, the correct tone and sentence cadence that you cannot acquire otherwise. This course is the second sequel, encompass topics such as school life, go shopping, traffic, weather, dining, ask direction and birthday party, very important topics in daily life.

    After taking this course, you will be able to:

    • You will converse fluently in daily topics such as school life, going shopping, traffic, weather, dining, asking for directions, birthday parties, etc.
    • Your accuracy of pronunciation and speech fluency will be greatly enhanced, even for experienced learners

    This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

    • Students who want to learn spoken Chinese at fast speeds or students who already have spoken some Chinese, but want to make their pronunciation more accurate, speaking more fluent and native-speaker like.

    • Both beginning learners and experienced learners will benefit from this course, as it will drastically improve the accuracy and fluency of experienced-learners to near native-speaker level learners, and will increase quickly the new learner's spoken Chinese.

      1. Chapter 1: Introduction - 6 Minutes

        1. Introduction of the Course
        2. Study Guide 
      2. Chapter 2: Lesson 8 and 9: School Life; Go Shopping - 92 Minutes

        1. Lesson 8 dialogue 1 part 1 School Life 
        2. Lesson 8 dialogue 1 part 2 school life 
        3. Lesson 8 dialogue 1 acting video School Life 
        4. Lesson 8 dialogue 2 part 1 school life
        5. Lesson 8 dialogue 2 part 2 school life 
        6. Lesson 8 dialogue 2 acting video school life
        7. Lesson 9 dialogue 1 part 1 Go Shopping
        8. Lesson 9 dialogue 1 part 2 Go Shopping 
        9. Lesson 9 dialogue 1 acting video Go Shopping 
        10. Lesson 9 dialogue 2 part 1 Go Shopping 
        11. Lesson 9 dialogue 2 part 2 Go Shopping 
        12. Lesson 9 dialogue 2 acting video Go Shopping 
      3. Chapter 3: lesson 10, 11: Traffic and Weather - 72 Minutes

        1. Lesson 10 dialogue 1 part 1 Traffic
        2. Lesson 10 dialogue 1 part 2 Traffic
        3. Lesson 10 dialogue 1 acting video Traffic
        4. Lesson 10 dialogue 2 part 1 Traffic
        5. Lesson 10 dialogue 2 part 2 Traffic
        6. Lesson 10 dialogue 2 acting video Traffic
        7. Lesson 11 dialogue 1 part 1 weather
        8. Lesson 11 dialogue 1 part 2 weather
        9. Lesson 11 dialogue 1 acting video weather 
        10. Lesson 11 dialogue 2 part 1 weather
        11. Lesson 11 dialogue 2 part 2 weather
        12. Lesson 11 dialogue 2 acting video weather
      4. Chapter 4: lesson 12, 13, 14: Dining; Ask Direction; Birthday Party - 120 Minutes

        1. Lesson 12 dialogue 1 part 1 Dining 
        2. Lesson 12 dialogue 1 part 2 dining
        3. Lesson 12 dialogue 1 acting video dining 
        4. Lesson 12 dialogue 2 part 1 Dining
        5. Lesson 12 dialogue 2 part 2 dining 
        6. Lesson 12 dialogue 2 acting video dining 
        7. Lesson 13 dialogue 1 part 1 Ask Direction 
        8. Lesson 13 dialogue 1 part 2 Ask Direction
        9. Lesson 13 dialogue 1 acting video asking direction
        10. Lesson 13 dialogue 2 part 1 Ask Direction
        11. Lesson 13 dialogue 2 part 2 Ask Direction
        12. Lesson 13 dialogue 2 acting video ask direction
        13. Lesson 14 dialogue 1 part 1 Birthday Party
        14. Lesson 14 dialogue 1 part 2 Birthday Party
        15. Lesson 14 dialogue 1 acting video
        16. Lesson 14 dialogue 2 part 1 Birthday party
        17. Lesson 14 dialogue 2 part 2 Birthday Party
        18. Lesson 14 dialogue 2 acting video Birthday Party

      About the Expert

      Hong Zeng

      Hong Zeng

      I am an award-winning professor of Chinese. I have taught Mandarin Chinese at all levels in prestigious American colleges altogether for 16 years. I have taught nine years as a tenure-track professor of Chinese at Carleton College, ranked No. 1 in undergraduate teaching in all liberal arts colleges in America, and have directed the Chinese program for two years at Hamline University (the first university in Minnesota). In both my second year coming to Carleton and Hamline, I more than doubled their Beginning Chinese Class enrollment. I have also taught at Swarthmore College, College of William and Mary and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. I have two PhDs, one in Chinese and comparative literature from UNC, Chapel Hill, the other in second language education, literary translation and English literature from Beijing Foreign Studies University. I have published five books in America (including two from Macmillan) on Chinese and comparative literature, film study, language study and language philosophy that are well-endorsed by world-renowned experts and book review journals in my field. I have earned 30000 dollars large grant from Asian Network in Chinese study.
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