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Coffee - Craft & Culture Laminated Reference Guide

Coffee - Craft & Culture Laminated Reference Guide

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Coffee - Craft & Culture Laminated Reference Guide

Get more out of your cup with this ultimate guide for coffee lovers, geeks, nerds and aficionados. While getting history and a breakdown of growing regions we cover detailed bean characteristics that provide wide taste range, caffeine intensity, bold or light body, high or low acidity to help you make better choices for buying or brewing your own cold or hot coffee drinks that do not need to be prepared at a premium coffee shop. Make these drinks yourself with the right knowledge of beans and the many ways to brew coffee.

Our expert food and drink writer packed so many facts into 6 laminated pages, that you can single handedly challenging any coffee snob, nerd or barista making sure you get premium coffee when you decide to pay premium prices. 6-page laminated guide includes: ·Coffee World History ·Coffee Growing ·Growing Regions ·Roasts & Blends ·Buying & Storing Coffee ·Grinding ·Brewing Coffee ·Coffee Drink Recipes (by country of origin) ·Quick Coffee Cocktail Recipes ·Processed Beans: Flavored & Decaf ·Health & Lifestyle Benefits & Concerns ·Café Buying Tips ·Caffeine Levels With Different Brewing Methods

Suggested Uses: ·Coffee Lovers – DD might be your favorite and you want to know more, like how to make your own better quality coffee for less money ·Coffee Aficionados & Nerds – A certain expert food and drink writer from San Francisco (pen name used on guide; contractual reasons) covered the widest range of facts in the smallest amount of space so well, that it should be a Guinness World Record ·Give Away – no matter your business, coffee is the fuel that keeps many going, so a free guide given to clients at an office or trade show will be better than a pen or squeeze ball


Item is great for:

  • Academics
  • Individuals with a thirst for knowledge 
  • As a quick reference guide
  • Brief overview of various topics
  • Great to give as a gift
  • And many more!

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