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Chinese Humorous Stories: Learn The Most Commonly-Used Chinese Amidst Laughter

39 minutes of course content

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Course Description

Hello, everyone, welcome to my new course “Chinese humorous stories season 2: make your Chinese leap amidst laughter”! Learning humorous stories is an excellent way of learning daily language: the vocabularies in humorous stories are among the most frequently used, colloquial words that appear at the highest frequency in daily communication. The syntax in humorous stories utilizes the most commonly used grammar in Chinese language. Despite its accessibility and commonality, the entertaining, hilarious nature of humorous language makes the language impressive, skillful,(even comically artistic) and highly memorable, thus makes language learning process entertaining, easy and fast. This course chooses 10 hilarious humorous stories that cover a diverse realm of topics, daily situations, and therefore vocabulary range: family, love, marriage, school, law, army, sports, health and medicine, profession, archaeology, travel, competition and contest, etc. You will find your daily spoken and written language progresses speedily after learning the course, soon being able to use the most common words and syntax to communicate in Chinese about comprehensive realms of daily life. This season is different from season 1 humorous story in that it emphasize spoken Chinese, so there is no written text. 

Each story is taught in two talking-head video lectures: the first lecture, I lead you to understand phrase by phrase the meaning of each sentence via medium English, also I will lead you to speak after me. I advise you to re-play it 2-3 times, until you can understand the story perfectly. The second lecture is my acting video, I will narrate the story to you, so that you can review your listening comprehension, so that after that, you can tell the story yourself. Stories are short, so that you can narrate without difficulty. 
You will find your daily, conversational Chinese enhance greatly with this course, your speech fluent and accurate on a lot of daily topics.

    After taking this course, you will be able to:

    • Learn the most commonly used Chinese vocabularies and sentences in daily conversation
    • Be able to appreciate humor in Chinese and tell humorous stories, thus enhance social and cultural communication with Chinese people
    • Learn to speak accurate and fluently on a lot of daily topics

    This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

    • Beginning to intermediate Chinese learners

      1. Introduction - 2 Minutes

        1. Introduction of the Course
      2. First Five Stories - 17 Minutes

        1. 他刚去过动物园 Text practice
        2. 他刚去过动物园 Acting video
        3. 还是哭吧Text practice
        4. 还是哭吧 Acting video
        5. 最糟糕的事情 Text practice
        6. 最糟糕的事情 Acting video
        7. 邮箱时装 Text practice
        8. 邮箱时装 Acting video
        9. 太太至上Text practice
        10. 太太至上 Acting video
      3. Second group of five stories - 20 Minutes

        1. 料事如神 Text practice
        2. 料事如神 Acting video
        3. 钓鱼 Text practice
        4. 钓鱼 Acting video
        5. 更糟 Text practice
        6. 更糟 Acting video
        7. 使劲喊 Text practice
        8. 使劲喊 Acting video
        9. 买报的狗 Text practice
        10. 买报的狗 Acting video

      About the Expert

      Hong Zeng

      Hong Zeng

      I am an award-winning professor of Chinese. I have taught Mandarin Chinese at all levels in prestigious American colleges altogether for 16 years. I have taught nine years as a tenure-track professor of Chinese at Carleton College, ranked No. 1 in undergraduate teaching in all liberal arts colleges in America, and have directed the Chinese program for two years at Hamline University (the first university in Minnesota). In both my second year coming to Carleton and Hamline, I more than doubled their Beginning Chinese Class enrollment. I have also taught at Swarthmore College, College of William and Mary and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. I have two PhDs, one in Chinese and comparative literature from UNC, Chapel Hill, the other in second language education, literary translation and English literature from Beijing Foreign Studies University. I have published five books in America (including two from Macmillan) on Chinese and comparative literature, film study, language study and language philosophy that are well-endorsed by world-renowned experts and book review journals in my field. I have earned 30000 dollars large grant from Asian Network in Chinese study.
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