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Alexander Technique Introduction

42 minutes of course content

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Course Description

The course is a simple and basic introductory to the Alexander Technique for anyone who wants to know more about it. The Alexander Technique is most popular amongst performers such as musicians, actors and professionals who would like to enhance performance and reduce, avoid and prevent injury, strain and pain.

F.M Alexander's principles are explained and demonstrated in simple everyday language so the viewer/listener can understand how the technique works and can be applied to their lifestyle.

After taking this course you will learn:

  • The course is about how you can improve your own Posture, Poise, Performance, Breathing and reduce excess muscle tension and pain.
  • Learn a powerful, resourceful, innovative, skill you can use and develop for the rest of your life.
  • Tips and procedures on how to relive pain, improve posture and breathing quickly.
  • Under 1 hour to complete the introduction course.
  • To learn about the laws of natural coordination, poise, performance and pain-prevention.

This Course is For:

    • Take this course if you're interested in performing at your best and being resistant to stress, fatigue and bad habits.
    1. Introductory appetizer - 42 Minutes

      1. Introductory appetizer 
      2. Introductory overview & Alexander's law
      3. FM Alexander's story & discovery
      4. Primary control
      5. Faulty sensory appreciation
      6. Inhibition - Stopping what's unnecessary 
      7. Directions 
      8. End-gaining
      9. Tips and procedures to implement. 
      10. Car seats, chairs and sitting comfortably 

    About the Expert

    Paul Barrett

    Paul Barrett

    Paul came to the Alexander technique out of curiosity and a musical background. He found it enhances (and removes strain from) any kind of motor performance; his general health, breathing and posture also dramatically improved unexpectedly. Experiencing these benefits along with many many others, he decided to train to become a teacher. He was the 1st official teacher to complete the 1600 hours of training in Ireland to the STAT [UK] standard and responsible for bringing STAT certification to Ireland.(Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, est.1958) He's been working with the public and private companies since 2007. Paul's also certified by ATI ( Alexander Technique International [US] ) and ISATT ( Irish society of Alexander Technique teachers ).
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