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Adobe Illustrator : Advanced Vector Illustration

254 minutes of course content

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Course Description

Learn the advanced skills of creating vector illustration using Adobe Illustrator. This course is designed for intermediate level users which are those who already used Adobe Illustrator before or have already taken my basic Adobe Illustrator course. If you are a beginner and never used Adobe Illustrator before you might want to take the basic course first which is "Adobe Illustrator : Vector Illustration Fundamentals".

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Fully understand stroke features in Adobe Illustrator such as variable width, creating brushes, etc.
  • Master the techniques of altering object's appearance
  • Learn the concept and the techniques to create different type of shading styles such as: flat, polygonal and smooth shading.
  • Understand the fast workflow for creating vector based illustration
  • Hands on project in creating a professional grade vector illustration from scratch

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • Intermediate users who already familiar with basic Adobe Illustrator skills
  • Students who already completed the basic course "Adobe Illustrator : Vector Illustration Fundamentals".

      1. Introduction - 4 Minutes

        1. Introduction
        2. Convention & disclaimer
        3. Downloadable project files
        4. Raster VS. Vector
        5. Navigation
        6. Selection
        7. Basic transformation
        8. Working with colors
        9. Sketching
      2. Stroke features - 53 Minutes

        1. Stroke basic properties
        2. Managing stroke width
        3. Art brush
        4. Pattern brush
        5. Other brushes
        6. Expanding appearance
        7. Project: Tree logo
        8. Decorative ornaments
        9. Line artwork strategy
        10. Line artwork project
      3. Appearance - 37 Minutes

        1. Hierarchy of appearance
        2. Blending mode
        3. Compound shape
        4. Effects
        5. Project: Flexible label
        6. Project: Snake and ladder game board
      4. Shading - 68 Minues

        1. Shading styles
        2. Project: Flat map icon
        3. Project: Image traced artwork
        4. Project: Polygonal vector artwork
        5. Gradient
        6. Project: Autodesk logo
        7. Mesh tool
        8. Shading with blur effect
        9. Project: Choco candy
      5. The final project - 92 Minutes

        1. The illustration workflow
        2. Sketching
        3. Tracing phase
        4. Coloring phase
        5. Local shading phase
        6. Global shading phase
        7. Highlight phase
        8. Textures and details
        9. Color correction phase
        10. Line artwork phase

      About the Expert

      Widhi Muttaqien

      Widhi Muttaqien

      Widhi is the founder and CEO of Expose-3D, and Blastocode game studio. He has master degree in information technology and business management from Bina Nusantara University. Beside doing business he is also a lecturer in computer graphic related disciplines in President University Indonesia and Lasalle College International. In his almost 20 years of experience in the CG industry he finished hundreds of projects with clients from all over the globe. He has been producing thousands of CG images and animations. His deep passion with computer graphic leads him to dive into 3D visualization, animation, game development, video and motion graphic.
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