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Delegating Work

150 minutes of course content

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Bundle Description

Managers strengthen their skills to build great teamwork among their employees and team.

*You have access to this bundle for 365 days from the date of purchase.

Please Note: This bundle consists of 5 different courses.

The courses in this bundle are approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI) for professional development units (PDU)

This Bundle includes the following courses:

  • Delegating to Others
  • Delegating with Clear Expectations
  • Getting Buy-In When Delegating
  • When Agreements are Broken
  • Leadership through Delegation

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Determine what you can delegate to others to be more effective in your role
  • Establish clear agreements regarding what will be done when delegating to employees
  • Increase buy-in for your requests when delegating to others
  • Effectively confront others when agreements are broken
  • Strengthen your leadership capabilities through delegation
  • Take your knowledge and understanding of financial management to the next level

    1. Introduction

    1. Instructions

    2. Setting Clear Expectations - 60 Minutes

    1. Delegating to Others - 30 Minutes
    2. Delegating with Clear Expectations - 30 Minutes

    3. Getting Buy-In When Delegating - 30 Minutes

    1. Getting Buy-In When Delegating- 30 Minutes

    4. Broken Agreements - 30 Minutes

    1. When Agreements are Broken - 30 Minutes

    5. Leadership and Delegation - 30 Minutes

    1. Leadership through Delegation - 30 Minutes 


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Kim Egan

Kim Egan

Kim, a co-founder at Vado, leads the creation of Vado's courseware. With a passion for e-learning that helps learners develop on the job, Kim has over 15 years of training design, performance management, and competency development experience. She has helped author and create over 500 soft skill courses delivered to learners throughout the world.
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Cindy Pascale

Cindy Pascale

Cindy, a Vado co-founder, has primary leadership responsibility for business development, account management and operations at Vado. She has 16+ years of HR, Training and Development, and OD leadership experience, with 12 years experience as a COO and CEO of various talent management consulting and assessment organizations.
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