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Growth Mindset

69 minutes of course content

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Course Description

The main course goal is to help you explore how to embrace a Growth Mindset. 

A Growth Mindset is the understanding that we can develop our abilities and intelligence. 

Research has shown that our implicit beliefs about the nature of intelligence can have a great impact on our achievement. You will look at the theoretical and practical implications of a Growth Mindset vs a Fixed Mindset and the benefits of developing and maintaining a Growth Mindset for success

You will practice key Growth Mindset concepts and learn how to introduce it in your class.

In this course you will:


After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Be able to define a Growth Mindset and explain the brain science that supports the theory. 
  • Distinguish between behaviors and statements associated with a Growth Mindset; resilience, work ethic, praise.
  • Help you understand the value of making mistakes in developing a Growth Mindset.
  • Identify benefits of Growth Mindset, as it relates to your class & school.

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • All students are welcome in this course

There are no prerequisites for this course.

  • All you need is a drive to acquire new knowledge and skills that you can immediately apply to your life

  1. What It Actually Is

    1. A Key Proficiency In Social-Emotional Learning
    2. Build A Deeper Understanding Of A Growth Mindset
    3. Mindset Activity
  2. How It Actually Works

    1. The Power Of Praise
    2. The Promises Of Praise
    3. Praise The Process
  3. Why It Matters

    1. The Value Of Making Mistakes
    2. A Powerful Model, With Strong Evidence Base
  4. Growth Mindset In Your Classroom

    1. The Gamification Of Children
    2. Create A Growth Mindset In Your Classroom
    3. A Year Of Growth Mindset
    4. Growth Mindset Books For Children
    5. Positive Growth Mindset Phrases
    6. Growth Mindset Lesson
  5. Wrap Up

    1. Using A Growth Mindset Empowers Us
  6. Growth Mindset Activities

    1. What is your Growth Mindset?
    2. Growth Mindset Books For Adults

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