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Advanced Influencing Skills for Business

136 minutes of course content

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Course Description

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Metaphor is our primary processing language. It's the way we describe one thing in terms of something else with which we have a greater familiarity. Metaphor is the medium we use to create understanding. It's hard to overstate the importance of metaphor.

We will teach you a set of questions to explore the detail and relationships held within their metaphors. This is known a their psychoactive landscape and you will come to know it well.

The course begins by introducing you to the use of metaphor by
Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffett and Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico.

Real life recordings of the technique in action are introduced and then we suggest ways in which you can gain practical experience including practice Skype sessions which are included with thsi course. You can only learn by listening and repeating which is a fun and effective way of absorbing the lessons.

The course is not about some magical theatrical effect in which you can have people reveal facts about themselves in trance but rather the opportunity for you to tune into what they reveal about themselves with every word they say.

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After taking this course you will learn:

  • what makes people tick by training your attention onto the metaphors they use
  • why metaphor is our primary processing language and reveals the patterns of thought which control our behaviour
  • the art of listening to understand rather than listening to reply
  • how to build rapport through accurate listening and summary
  • to better understand people with clarity and be able to create co-operation
  • how to avoid the expensive mistakes which accompany misunderstanding
  • how to help people to make positives changes by helping them to recognise and change the metaphors the live by

This Course is For:

    • Influencers and leaders
    • Managers
    • Sales people
    • Marketer
    • Those in HR
    1. Introduction to Mind Reading - 40 minutes

      1. Introductory overview
      2. Course Preview
      3. Fundamentals of Metaphor
      4. Why are we training your attention onto metaphor?
      5. Metaphors We Live By
      6. Caitlin Walker demonstrates this technique in action
    2. Expanding our appreciation of metaphor and how to apply it practically - 12 minutes

      1. Less obvious metaphors with examples
      2. Metaphors that leaders live by and what to do with them
      3. Metaphor or No Metaphor
    3. Getting curious with the metaphors of business leaders - 14 minutes 

      1. Getting curious with Indra Nooyi CEO Pepsico
      2. Getting curious with Sir Richard Branson Entrepreneur Virgin
      3. Getting curious with Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway Investments
    4. Listening and Summarising - 10 minutes

      1. Accuracy in listening and summarising
      2. Listening and Summarising
    5. Challenge assumptions - we are all different - 3 minutes

      1. The Elephant Game
    6. Questions to prompt for metaphor - 3 minutes

      1. Questions to prompt for metaphors
    7. Modelling behaviours - 22 minutes 

      1. Exploring metaphors for Working at Your Best
      2. Example of building a team metaphor for collaboration
      3. Live example - giving instructions at your best
      4. Benefits of exploring team metaphors of collaboration
      5. Expanding the application of the technique
      6. Metaphors to explore stress reduction with James Lawley
    8. Psychoactive Landscape - 8 minutes 

      1. Exploring the psychoactive landscape
      2. What would you like to have happen and other questions
      3. Change the metaphor to change the outcome
    9. Example of a modelling session in a workplace setting - 14 minutes 

      1. Modelling procrastination
      2. Learnings from Modelling Procrastination
      3. Physical Metaphors
      4. Practise Practise Practise
    10. Summing it all up and Thanks to You - 10 minutes 

      1. Summarising what we have learned
      2. Post-Quiz

    About the Expert

    Peter Urey

    Peter Urey

    Peter Urey graduated in 1982 from Christ Church at the University of Oxford, MA with a degree in Law (Jurisprudence). His experience encompasses a 30-year career in Sales, Marketing and Management in the IT sector; 14 years with Hewlett Packard culminating in Director-level appointment in the Printer Division; and 5 years as freelance Career Development Coach, with clients that include Symantec, Epson, Canon, and more. As a specialist in techniques designed to clarify the meaning of words and establish understanding, his guiding mantra is "Quality of Life is Quality of Communication." Peter follows principles governed by the philosophical system of Logical Positivism as taught at Oxford University. Additionally, he is a student of Marian Way, author of "Clean Approaches for Coaches." Aside from his professional life, Peter is a father of three adult children and has been married for 29 years. He also has a black belt in Karate, which inspires and informs his career coaching.
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