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Raising SuperLearners™: Prep Your Kids for Lifelong Learning

Jonathan Levi

The world is changing. Fast. Whether you look towards science, technology, health, politics, or culture, one thing is universally clear: Today’s Children Will Grow Up In A Totally Different World...

$10.00 $29.99 (excluding tax)
5 Day Memory Mastery: Learn to Memorize Anything With Ease

Jonathan Levi

  If you’re like the vast majority of people, you probably think you have an "average" or "below average" memory. Sure, you can remember some things - sometimes, but you’re far...

$10.00 $29.99 (excluding tax)
Science Based Brain Training: Improve Your Brain And Life

Gregory Caremans

Through our interactions with our students, there is this one question that always comes back: ‘How do I improve my brain’.  This courseis our answer to that one question. Because, as...

$10.00 $29.00 (excluding tax)
How To Become An Outstanding Solution Architect

Mark Farragher

BEST COURSE CHOICE for beginners and intermediate IT professionals who want to become an outstanding solution architect and take their design skills to the next level. Are you a developer,...

$49.95 (excluding tax)
Introduction to Modeling in Excel for Decision Makers

Isaac Gottlieb

Part 1 demonstrates how to use Excel efficiently. You will begin with the AutoFill, efficient selection of cells with shortcuts and learn to how to use functions and addressing correctly....

$79.00 (excluding tax)
College Spoken Chinese Intermediate 2: The Quickest Way of Learning Conversational Chinese

Hong Zeng

I am excited to announce to you that here comes the fourth sequel of College Spoken Chinese Fast Class: the quickest way of learning conversation Chinese. I am an award-winning...

$25.00 (excluding tax)
Create Your Dream Job: Hack The Job Search & Skip The Ladder

Jonathan Levi

Are you eager to work in a field that you're deeply passionate about, make an incredible living doing it, and skip years of "climbing the ladder" to get where you want to go? Do you know that you...

$10.00 $29.99 (excluding tax)
Business Chinese

Hong Zeng

Welcome to business Chinese! My name is Hong Zeng, an award-winning professor of Chinese for 16 years at prestigious American universities, such as University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, College...

$25.00 (excluding tax)
Art Fundamentals

Scott Harris

Art Fundamentals covers the key foundational principles that underly artwork and it's creation. You'll discover the core fundamentals you need to know in order to be effective at learning to...

$49.00 (excluding tax)
Special report on Banking

A bank in your pocket Banking: Young people and their phones are shaking up banking How to make banking fun: South Korea is trying to make banking fun Kids these...

$10.00 (excluding tax)