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Preview of How To Speak So People Listen

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Course Description

This is a free preview (7 minutes) of the How To Speak So People Listen course. The description of the full course (43 minutes) is provided below.

Strong speaking skills enable you to lead effectively, motivate people and get things done. In meetings, presentations and interviews, they help you convey credibility, authority and commitment – and keep listeners attending.

In this most practical course, you’ll get techniques used by professional broadcasters, and top business and political leaders. You’ll gain confidence that whatever the situation, how you speak can carry and support your message and intent.


After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify key aspects of voice control
  • Convey authority through use of pace and pause
  • Vary voice projection to keep people listening
  • Use clarity and pitch to sound precise and decisive
  • Employ techniques to offset nervousness and tiredness
  • Make your message memorable using devices of great speakers
  • Understand why intimacy is of value in speaking skills

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • Anyone that needs speaking skills to help them lead, manage, coach, and/or inspire others
  • Anyone that wishes to sound in control, authoritative, inspiring and personable

  1. Getting Started - 7 Minutes

    1. What Does Your Speech Say About You? 
    2. Benefits Of Speaking Skills
    3. Getting Started Transcript
  2.  How To Sound In Control - 10 Minutes

    1. Breath Control
    2. Pace And Pause
    3. How To Sound In Control Transcript
  3.   Inspiring Others - 10 Minutes

    1. How Voice Projection Works
    2. Importance Of Clarity
    3. Pitching It Right
    4. Inspiring Others Transcript
  4.   How To Be Memorable - 16 Minutes

    1. A Confiding Tone
    2. Rhetorical Technique
    3. Key Words And Energy
    4. How To Be Memorable Transcript
    5. Test Your Speaking Skills Knowledge

About the Expert

Philippa Davies

Philippa Davies

Philippa Davies founded Voiceworks, a communication skills consultancy whose clients includes blue chip CEOs and board directors, Prime and cabinet ministers, Olympic Performance Directors and Oscar winners. Corporate clients have included Universal Pictures, BBC, News International, Merck, HSBC, Hewlett Packard and Lloyds of London. Her book ‘Irresistibility’ was serialized by The Times and became a bestseller. She’s written 13 other titles, including contributing to Reader’s Digest ‘How To Write and Speak Better’. She has a first degree in drama, an MSc in Organizational Behavior and an Advanced Diploma in Voice Studies. Her website is
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