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Finance for Marketers - Knowledge to Advance Your Career

80 minutes of course content

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Course Description

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Finance for Marketers - Knowledge to Advance your career - a NEED TO KNOW course for Marketers.

Understanding Finance and Accounting will equip Marketers with the financial knowledge necessary to communicate more effectively with financial managers, analyze financial statements & interpret a company's profitability, solvency and liquidity

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Course Overview

Section 1 of this course is an introduction section. After the course introduction we will begin this course by introducing the roles of an accountant versus a finance person and we will look at the marketing financial analysis cycle

In section 2 you will be introduced to the primary financial statement, The Income Statement, The Statement of Financial Position, and the Statement of Cash Flows.

Section 3 of this course is about Decisions and costs. You will be introduced to opportunity costs and relevant costs, and you will be introduced to costing methods such as process costing and standard costing

A large part of finance is understanding ratios and in Section 4 you will be introduced to Profit, Liquidity, Leverage and Activity ratios. Then we will have a look at budgets

Finally in Section 5 we will look as at some sources of Finance.

This course contains:

Notes to download

Activities to complete



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By the end of this course, you'll have developed knowledge to facilitate the dialogue with finance and accounting professionals, which you can use to advance in your marketing career.


    After taking this course, you will be able to:

      • Describe the role of an accountant
      • Identify components of the primary financial statements
      • Explain terms used in the financial statements
      • Identify the need for a decision
      • Identify costs relevant for a decision
      • Describe costing methods
      • Calculate break-even
      • Identify the components of a budget
      • Explain the need and use of ratios
      • Calculate profitability, activity liquidity, and leverage ratios
      • Identify sources of finance available


      This course is for professionals within the following business functions:


        • This course is aimed at those that wish to increase their financial knowledge to gain a competitive advantage in their career. 
        • Marketers who want to develop a more effective dialogue with the finance and accounting functions
        • Marketers who want an introduction course in key financial concepts and analyses
        • Marketers who want to refresh their knowledge of financial ratios
        • Marketers who want to improve their marketing decision-making
        • This course is NOT aimed at teaching you how to use finance in marketing, but to equip you with knowledge that could otherwise hold you back as you advance through your career.
        1. Introduction

          1. Course Overivew
          2. The difference between Finance and Accounting
          3. The Marketing Financial Analysis CycleThe Basics 3
          4. Finance for Marketers - Pre Quiz
        2.  Accounting and Reporting

          1. Accounting and reporting - Section overview
          2. The Basic Accounting Principles
          3. The Income Statement
          4. The Statement of Financial Position
          5. The Statement of Cash Flows
          6. Quiz on Financial Statements
        3.   Information for Decision Making

          1. Information for Decision Making - Section overview
          2. Elements of a Decision
          3. Opportunity Costs
          4. Costing and Breakeven
          5. Notes for Information for Decision Making
          6. Quiz - Decisions
        4.  Ratio's and Budget's

          1. Ratio's - Section Overview
          2. Profit Ratio's
          3. Liquidity Ratio's
          4. Leverage Ratio's
          5. Return on Investment
          6. Activity Ratio's
          7. PDF of Ratio's
          8. Activity - Try these Ratio's
          9. Budgets
        5.  Financing

          1. Financing - Section Overview
          2. Financing by Time
          3. Financing by Ownership
          4. Financing by Source
        6.  Conclusion

          1. Course Conclusion

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