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The Essential Guide To Managing The World Wide Workforce

65 minutes of course content

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Course Description

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Managing workers who are strategically important to the success of an organization but not necessarily directly employed is a strategy difficult to get right, but when done well it can really drive business performance.

As the rapid globalization of business continues, industries have begun to prepare themselves for a flat world economy, a world with remote and easy access to talent and customers regardless of distance or language. No longer can an organisation assume that highly skilled contractors, freelancers or other non-permanent workers will be ready and willing to fill gaps as circumstances require. Today’s talent is in demand regardless of it's employment status.

Today’s labor markets are undergoing radical change, as digital platforms transform how they operate and revolutionize the nature of work. The traditional workplace as we once knew it is changing, and a key component of this evolution is the rise of the so-called gig economy, the on-demand workforce, the workflex, the contingent workforce etc.

In this course, you will learn how companies are continuously seeking innovative ways to cut costs, increase efficiency, and perform competitively, and the strategic use of contingent workers can be an effective tool in advancing these goals.

Focusing on the increasing digitization of the labor market, which has a very worrying drawback as it is undermining the traditional employer-employee relationships that have been the primary channel through which worker benefits and protections have been provided.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Build and maintain effective employment relationships, so that knowledge workers ‘integrate’.
  • Highlight current tactics and solutions used by organisations in order to better manage on-demand staff.
  • Ensure that the organization’s values and purpose are not diluted.
  • Work collaboratively on an international scale.
  • Manage and influence talent that you likely will never meet in person.
  • Grow a permanent contingent labor workforce.
  • Have processes and systems in place to adequately recruit and select the flexible workforce.
  • Take appropriate steps to ensure that company information is adequately protected.

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • All students are welcome in this course, especially if you are focusing on either working with/managing contingent workers or if you are interested to learn how the industry works.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

  • All you need is a drive to acquire new knowledge and skills that you can immediately apply to your job.

  1. Introduction - 9 Minutes

    1. Pre-Quiz
    2. The Nature Of The Contingent Workfoce
    3. What Is This Course About?
    4. About Me
  2. What Does It Mean For Employees? - 10 Minutes

    1. The Changing Employee - Employer Relationship
    2. Activity: Do you have any ideas on how to make sure that you do not carry the burden?
    3. Why Work On Demand?
    4. The Risks To You As An 'Employee'
  3.  What Does It Mean For Managers? - 7 Minutes

    1. Mistakes Managers Currently Make
    2. Integrating World Wide Workers Into Your Workforce
  4. What Does It Mean For The Organisation & "Employer"? - 11 Minutes

    1. Why Employers Prefer Working With Freelancers, Contingent & World Wide Workers?
    2. Engaging The World Wide Worker
  5. Best Practices To Managing An On-Demand Workforce - 21 Minutes

    1. The New Business Strategy
    2. The Modern People Strategy
    3. The Unusual Social Safety Net
    4. Compliance And Security Management
  6. Conclusion - 6 Minutes

    1. Conclusion And Wrap Up
    2. Quiz
  7. Bonus

    1. Interesting article on changes in workforce and the 6 steps to close skills gaps around the world.

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Nicole Le Maire

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