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Science Based Brain Training: Improve Your Brain And Life

243 minutes of course content

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Course Description

Through our interactions with our students, there is this one question that always comes back: ‘How do I improve my brain’.

 This courseis our answer to that one question. Because, as much as we would’ve liked to reveal the one magical trick to significantly enhance our brain, it simply doesn’t work that way. As we will see, there is no scientific evidence to back up the claims of brain games and other programs, even though they claim they do.

One of my all time favourite quotes about the brain is from Emmerson Pugh, an American Scientist, who said

“If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn’t.”

I guess, that says it all. 

So what are we going to do? What is this course all about?

The two vital elements behind improving our brain are Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity. Neurogenesis is about the creation of new brain cells. And Neuroplasticity about putting those new brain cells to a good use. 

Now what follows is key to everything we will see in this course. You see, depending on our life style choices, we see a huge variation in the rate of neurogenesis. We’re talking 3 to 5 times more new brain cells being created... or not. And again, depending on those life style choices, we will see 60 to 70% of these new brain cells die off... or not. 

So basically, the quality of our life has a direct influence on the quality of our brain.

Some choices will boost the creation and wiring of brain cells, and other choices will drastically lower this same creation and wiring.

The place where it all starts is the hippocampus. It’s been known for a long time that the hippocampus is involved in forming new memories, and remembering them. Damage to the hippocampus will lead to cognitive deficits and memory problems. scientists have established this over and over again, with research into injuries and illnesses. Alzheimer for example, massively attacks the hippocampus, with the unfortunate results we know.

But the hippocampus does more than that. It is one of two places in the brain where we keep growing new brain cells during our entire life. Yes, our entire adult life. It doesn’t stop in our early twenties as previously thought. It just goes on, and on, and on ...

Now, for most people, the rate of neurogenesis decreases once they reach age 30 to 35. Sometimes, this decrease is so dramatic that by age 40 the first noticeable mental effects are already observable: We’re talking memory loss, cognitive impairment, anxiety and depression, loss of vitality, and so on.

But this is no fatality. Whatever our age, whatever the current state of our brain, This can change. Our brain can renew itself at any age. And depending on our lifestyle choices, we can increase that neurogenesis rate again.

And that’s exactly what we aim to do with this program.

So what should you expect?

  • Understand the concept of Neurogenesis and how to use it.
  • Practice a full range of exercises in order to stimulate new brain cell creation
  • Understand the three different types of activities that will stimulate or harm our neurogenesis
  • Apply a simple 30 days action plan to stimulate your own neurogenesis

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • All students are welcome in this course.

    1. Introduction - 18 Minutes

      1. Promo Video
      2. Introduction
      3. About Brain Games
      4. 5 Pillars To Brain Health
    2. Get Up - 12 Minutes

      1. Introduction
      2. Stairway To Heaven
      3. A Complex And Rich Environment
      4. Work That Body
    3. Find Balance - 12 Minutes

      1. Introduction
      2. That Was ... Interesting
      3. The World Awaits Around The Corner
      4. About Nuns (Yes, Nuns!)
    4. No (Wo)Man Is An Island - 20 Minutes

      1. Introduction
      2. This One Works Both Ways
      3. I'll Be There For You ...
      4. Free Hugs, But Not For Everyone
      5. Free Pass To Crazy
      6. You Shall Not Pass
    5. Time Out - 14 Minutes

      1. Introduction
      2. About Melatonin
      3. Give me 20 minutes ...
      4. Shhht...
      5. Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite!
    6. Building Blocks For Your Brain - 16 Minutes

      1. One Fatty Blob
      2. Like A Fish In The Water
      3. It's About The Dye
      4. Hot And Spicy
      5. Hold Your Horses
    7. Brain Boosters - 11 Minutes

      1. Introduction Brain Boosters
      2. Breathe
      3. Music Was My First Love
    8. Brain Killers - 13 Minutes

      1. Introduction Brain Killers
      2. I Will Survive
      3. Gimme More!
      4. From Biking To American Football
    9. Conclusion - 22 Minutes

      1. Summary
      2. Summary Overview
      3. Your Next 30 Days
      4. Some Personal Advice

    About the Expert

    Gregory Caremans

    Gregory Caremans

    Bio I'm a psychologist with a Master in communication, specialized in the Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach. I'm the former Director of the Institute of Neurocognitivism in Brussels (Belgium). Today, I've specialized in writing and producing high quality brain-related content. I have my own blog and create online courses. A lot of people who follow my blog or enroll in my courses are quite curious about this NBA-thing, theNeurocognitive and Behavioral Approach. When you google it, you hardly find information on it. The reason for this is simple: The NBA has its origins in France, and is called ANC, l'approche Neurocognitive et Comportementale. Now when you google that, you'll find loads of information, unfortunately, the vast majority of it is in french… So that's where I come in. I have been the Director of the Institute of Neurocognitivism, which task is to spread the NBA, for several years. I worked directly with the founders of the NBA, Dr. Jacques Fradin and his colleagues, and became an expert in his approach. in 2014 I created my Brain Academy and took the decision to take the NBA one step further by elevating it's reach from a regional scope to a worldwide reach, by translating the work of Jacques Fradin into English, and make it accessible to everyone. With my team, we decided to translate the NBA into every day, real life applications: How to use the NBA to raise children, to become a better manager, to deal with stress, and so on… We've added new perspectives and insights from brilliant minds such as Daniel Kahneman, David Brooks, Dan Ariely, Antonio Damasio, Steven Pinker, and many more My blog and these courses were born out of a frustration, that regardless of the time and effort me and my team would put into coaching and training people, we would only reach so many people. It's great to have a vision to change the world, but if you don't have the means to activate it, your vision is no more than a fantasy… By the end of 2014, the first course got online. Since then, over 30.000 people have joined us already. Still, personally, I won't rest before reaching at least 100.000, and then one million, and more. And there's a simple reason for that: Understanding how our brains work and their impact on our behavior has a major impact on how we see ourselves and others. It helps us be at peace with ourselves and be more tolerant towards others. In other words: it makes the world a better place to live in. So join us in this brain-revolution. Join one of our groundbreaking courses and become part of the tribe
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