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Learn Python Django - A Hands-On Course

131 minutes of course content

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Course Description

Django is a Python based web framework. It is one of the hottest web frameworks available. Increase your developers skills and demand by learning this great framework.

In this course, you'll learn Django by building an increasingly complex, responsive website step by step.

We start with an introduction what Django is all about. Then we jump right in by creating a simple website. From there, we start fresh again with a new website and keep adding pieces until we ultimately arrive at a fully responsive, database driven Django website.

Each lecture is clear and paced so you that you can fully absorb what is happening. The pace is also set so they can you build up the same website as you follow along.

Code of the final website is included as well.

    After taking this course, you will be able to:

    • Create a database driven website using Django

    This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

    • Anyone wanting to learn how to use Django
    • Python developers wanting a web framework

      1. Introduction to Django - 16 Minutes

        1. Introduction
        2. What is Django and Installation
        3. Code Editor
        4. Your First Django Website
      2. Working with the Components of Django - 85 Minutes

        1. Defining Classes
        2. Displaying Content and Integrating Bootstrap
        3. Home Layout
        4. Cycles & Conditionals
        5. Adding Footer
        6. Inheritance and Base Page Creation
        7. Adding About and News Pages
        8. Backend Improvements
        9. Why Static Files?
        10. Storing Libraries Locally
      3. Database Driven Website - 18 Minutes

        1. Preparing for Database Driven
        2. Pulling Data from the Database
      4. Source Code From Course - 10 Minutes

      5. Summary - 2 Minutes

        1. Course Summary

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      Brett Romero

      Brett Romero

      I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur. I've also started several businesses. Bitesize Business School is the latest, where I write about applying business principles to the real world and solving technology issues that every online business faces. The first business I created, Cygen, was a web design consulting business. From this business, I also created my first product - A chatroom web application that was javascript based. I've written desktop applications in languages running from Delphi to C# winforms/WPF. I've also built ASP.NET webforms and MVC based applications. When the iOS SDK was first introduced, I bought a Macbook and began building apps for the iPhone. I currently have seven apps in the iTunes App Store. I have an MBA from ASU ('14). My undergraduate major was in mathematics. Before graduating, I decided to get a business degree. I continued taking mathematics courses at the University of Washington after completing my undergraduate degree.
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