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Fast Track Python for Newbies

215 minutes of course content

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Course Description

As a developer, you're super busy. Who has time to sit through hours of learning? Now you don't have to!

Instead, you can fast track your Python learning. By the time you're finished with this course, you'll have the confidence to speak and do Python. Best of all, you can basically do it in only two sittings.

We'll start with Python language fundamentals. The course then progresses into advanced topics from there. To make sure everything you're learning is staying in your head, each section has a challenge. You'll try the challenge then come back and view the solution walk through. All challenges include code you can download.

    After taking this course, you will be able to:

    • Program in Python

    • Thoroughly discuss Python topics

    This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

    • Anyone wanting to learn Python
    • Software developer wanting to enhance their career

      1. Introduction - 15 Minutes

        1. Introduction
        2. What Is Python & Installation
        3. Editor
      2. Language Fundamentals - 90 Minutes

        1. Introduction
        2. Variables
        3. Conditional Flow
        4. List & Dictionaries
        5. While Loops
        6. For Loops
        7. Working With Strings
        8. Tuples
        9. File I/O
        10. M2 Challenge Instructions
        11. M2 Challenge Solution
        12. M2 Challenge Code
      3. Functions and Classes - 60 Minutes

        1. Introduction
        2. Functions & Parameters
        3. Lambda Expressions
        4. Classes
        5. Inheritance
        6. M3 Challenge Part 1
        7. M3 Challenge Part 2
        8. M2 Challenge Code
      4. Exception Handling - 50 Minutes

        1. Introduction
        2. Try/Except/Finally
        3. Raising An Exception
        4. M4 Challenge Part 1
        5. M4 Challenge Part 2
        6. M4 Challenge Code
        7. Course Summary

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      Brett Romero

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