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Preview of Understanding International Automated Clearing House - An Alternative Payment Method

5 minutes of course content

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Course Description

This is a free preview (5 minutes) of the An Introduction to Islamic Geometric Design course. The description of the full course (40 minutes) is provided below.

Did you know there is a more cost effective and predictable alternative to wires or checks when making international payments? 

International ACH could help organisations save significant amounts of money when making payments to a number of countries. 

Attend this 40-minute session to learn what it is, how it works and the rationale for using it. You will also discover how it differs from US domestic ACH.

This session is designed for treasury professionals who are responsible for international payments; bankers who need to understand how International ACH could benefit their corporate clients; and government employees who deal with banks and want to better understand the products they offer.

Certificate of Completion

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In this course, you will learn: 

  • What international ACH is and why we use it
  • Customer benefits
  • Payment types 
  • Client profile
  • Typical customer industries
  • International ACH parties and models
  • How it works
  • Differences between US ACH and International ACH
  • All about IPFA (International Payment Framework Association)
  • All about IAT (International ACH Transactions)

1. Introduction - 3 minutes

1. Introduction and Learning Objectives
2. Pre-Quiz

2. What and Why - 5 minutes

1. The What and the Why of ACH
2. Customer Benefits and Value Proposition

3. Payment Methods - 10 minutes

1. Payment Considerations
2. Client Profile
3. Typical Customer Industries and ACH Parties

4. How ACH Works - 8 minutes

1. Non-Global ACH Model v. Global ACH Model
2. How it Works

5. International Payments and Transactions - 10 minutes

2. International ACH Transactions

6. Wrap up - 5 minutes

1. Summary
2. Post-Quiz

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