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Preview of The Role of the Corporate Treasurer

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Course Description

This is a free preview (6 minutes) of the The Role of the Corporate Treasurer course. The description of the full course (45 minutes) is provided below.

Today corporate treasury is a strategic function that is critical to the success of the business. Treasury provides liquidity for the business, manages financial risks, ensures available and low cost funding within a consistent organisational framework and treasury policy.

This short expert course will explore the strategies and benefits of treasury management in nine short sections introducing the role of corporate treasury. You'll learn how your company can benefit from professional treasury practices and gain insights into improving your current treasury and cash management operations.
This course is the perfect introduction to EuroFinance classroom courses delivered in various locations throughout the year.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and identify the key functions of the role of a corporate treasurer
  • Understand the key strategic goals, objectives and policies used in a world-class treasury operation
  • Recognize and understand the different skill sets required in treasury and cash management
  • Discuss why best-in-class treasury is critical for the economy

This course is for professionals within the following business functions:

  • Finance professionals new to treasury
  • Banks
  • Consultants and system suppliers who need to understand the role of their clients


  1. Unit 1 - What is treasury management?  - 3 Minutes

    1. What is treasury management?
  2. Unit 2 - The operating cycle of business - 3 Minutes

    1. The operating cycle of business
  3.  Unit 3 - The role of Corporate Treasury - 3 Minutes

    1. The role of Corporate Treasury
  4.  Unit 4 - Treasury Policy - 3 Minutes

    1. Unit 4 - Treasury Policy
  5. Unit 5 - Embedding a cash flow culture - 3 Minutes

    1. Embedding a cash flow culture
  6. Unit 6 - Treasurer's focus - 7 Minutes

    1. Treasurer's focus
  7. Unit 7 - Treasurer as a polymath - 6 Minutes

    1. Treasurer as a polymath
  8. Unit 8 - Treasury vs commercial flows - 5 Minutes

    1. Treasury vs commercial flows
  9. Unit 9 - What is cash management? - 3 Minutes

    1. What is cash management?
  10. Unit 10 - Key takeaways - 2 Minutes

    1. Wrap Up
  11. Quiz - 7 Minutes

    1. Quiz

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Running more than 50 events worldwide, EuroFinance enables treasurers and CFOs to exchange innovative strategies, best practices and expert opinions. Through in-depth research with over 2,000 corporate treasurers every year, EuroFinance has a unique insight into the trends and developments in cash management and treasury, and an unrivalled global viewpoint. EuroFinance is an Economist Group business.
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Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson

Chris has over 30 years’ experience in the payments business, working in treasury, cash management, transaction services, trade, e-commerce and card acquiring. He has worked in senior roles for Citibank and Bank of America and founded the treasury workstation company, IT/2. In 2003 he set up, a treasury and payments best practice training and consulting business, working with large multinational corporations and financial institutions around the world. He has a broad depth of experience in the trends and development of payments and treasury across many regions and countries.
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