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MBA, Your Own Way

75 minutes of course content

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Course Description

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Learn how to use massive open online courses, MOOCs, to get a business education equivalent to an MBA - at a fraction of the price. This course teaches you how to structure and plan for a MOOC-based business education, including goal-setting, choosing your courses, and developing a schedule and a budget for your studies. In addition to the classroom based components of the MBA curriculum, you will also learn how to get out of the classroom and into the real world to practice your new skills, build your network, and leverage your education for career advancement.

After taking this course you'll be able to: 

  • Find and register for a set of MOOCs that cover the basic business school curriculum
  • Set a schedule and a budget for a MOOC-based business education
  • Identify opportunities to practice your business skills in the real world
  • Grow your network of professional contacts
  • Communicate the results of your business education in order to leverage your education for career advancement


This Course is For:

  • Professionals who are considering attending a traditional MBA program
  • Engineers, programmers, and technicians who are looking to move into management
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Anyone who is interested in understanding how to use new tools and resources to get a top-notch business education at an affordable price
  • Anybody in the C suite
  1. Getting Started - 9 minutes

    1. Welcome to MBA, Your Own Way
    2. What you will learn in this course
    3. What do you already know about studying business using MOOCs?
  2. Why study business using MOOCs? - 11 minutes

    1. The value of a MOOC-based business education
    2. Set a goal for your business education
  3. Mapping out your education - 25 minutes 

    1. MOOCs 101
    2. Finding a MOOC
    3. Register for a MOOC
    4. The business school curriculum
    5. Your Business Study Plan
    6. Choosing your first courses
    7. Budgeting time and money
    8. Create your study calendar and set your budget
  4. Beyond the online classroom - 25 minutes

    1. Identify your learning laboratory
    2. Build your business network
    3. Business culture
    4. Immerse yourself in the culture of business
    5. Share your success
  5. Wrap-up - 5 minutes

    1. What do you know now?
    2. Congratulations!

About the Expert

Laurie Pickard

Laurie Pickard

Laurie Pickard is the founder of No-Pay MBA [] and is passionate about helping people get a world-class business education without breaking the bank. No-Pay MBA attracts readers from nearly every country in the world and has been covered by Fortune, the Financial Times, Bloomberg Business, Entrepreneur, and CNN Money. Laurie runs No-Pay MBA from Rwanda, where she moonlights as an international development professional, focusing on building public-private partnerships. She is also hard at work on a book about the future of business education. Laurie can be found on Twitter @NoPayMBA.
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