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Machiavelli: On Success in Corporate Power Politics

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Course Description

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Quickly get to the heart of Machiavelli's medieval classic "The Prince"- a must read for aspiring CEOs.
His advice about renaissance statecraft applies directly to modern corporations.

107 pages condensed into an hour of video lectures.
This is a great use of valuable time for busy people.

We correct the old misconceptions about Machiavelli as a voice of evil and focus on his pre-occupation with stability and good order.

We provide a full transcription of the course as a pdf file which you can read alongside the video lectures.

*Discover how to build consensus after mergers, takeovers or acquisitions.
*Eliminate office politics - identify and avoid those who might challenge your authority.
*Select team members who share your vision and values.
*Accentuate the qualities of strong leaders and remove any obvious weaknesses.
*Thrive by establishing you own stable culture which recognises and calms natural fears.
*Learn when and how to exert your authority without harming your reputation.

    Course Highlights:

    • This course teaches the central observations in The Prince on strong leadership and politics
    • We invite you to draw parallels with modern corporate life and apply the lessons to your role as a leader in business
    • Learn how to build consensus
    • Deal with challenges to your authority
    • Identify wise counsellors and build a great team
    • Win your workforce to your cause
    • Know when to be forceful and when to be lenient
    • Model the most positive character traits as Machiavelli sees them
    • Deal with negative attributes
    • Stop your team from engaging in harmful office politics
    1. Introduction and intended outcomes - 10 minutes

      1. Promotional Introduction
      2. Do you need to learn more about Corporate Power Politics?
      3. What's the value in this course?
      4. Corporate politics compared with medieval statecraft
    2. Creating the right impression - 6 minutes

      1. The heart of the matter - "loved or feared"
      2. Moral versus social order
    3. Consensus, consensus, consensus - 7 minutes 

      1. The importance of building consensus
      2. Building consensus - "crushed or pampered"
    4. Taking and maintaining control - 8 minutes

      1. Dealing with people after mergers, acquisitions and takeovers
      2. Establish control
      3. Stay in control
    5. Personal characteristics of the modern prince - 10 minutes

      1. When virtues become vices
      2. Seeing people as they really are
      3. The qualities of a corporate prince
      4. Friends, foes and flatterers
    6. Summary - 10 minutes

      1. Summing it all up and distilling the value
      2. 12 page course documentation
      3. Assess how far you are progressing towards your preferred outcome state

    About the Expert

    Peter Urey

    Peter Urey

    Peter Urey graduated in 1982 from Christ Church at the University of Oxford, MA with a degree in Law (Jurisprudence). His experience encompasses a 30-year career in Sales, Marketing and Management in the IT sector; 14 years with Hewlett Packard culminating in Director-level appointment in the Printer Division; and 5 years as freelance Career Development Coach, with clients that include Symantec, Epson, Canon, and more. As a specialist in techniques designed to clarify the meaning of words and establish understanding, his guiding mantra is "Quality of Life is Quality of Communication." Peter follows principles governed by the philosophical system of Logical Positivism as taught at Oxford University. Additionally, he is a student of Marian Way, author of "Clean Approaches for Coaches. Aside from his professional life, Peter is a father of three adult children and has been married for 29 years. He also has a black belt in Karate, which inspires and informs his career coaching.
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