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Effective Financial Risk Management

50 minutes of course content

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Course Description

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Discover the five essential elements of a highly effective, sustainable financial risk management process in just 50 minutes.

Our expert tutor will also address the two main weaknesses of most corporate risk management processes -- the misconception that risk management is a "treasury problem" and that it's primarily about running a hedging program.

Certificate of Completion

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In this course, you will learn: 

  • Essential building blocks of a robust risk management process
  • How to move from simply "reacting" to problems as they arise to better "anticipating" issues before they become problems

This course is for professionals within the following business functions: 

  • All corporate professionals
  • Treasury professionals
  • Finance professionals
  • Senior operating management
    1. Introduction - 8 minutes

      1. Introduction
      2. The Case Study
    2. Module 1- Moving from Reactive to Proactive - 9 minutes

      1. Module 1 - Content
      2. Module 1 - Self-assessment questions
      3. Module 1 - Key takeaways
    3. Module 2 - Developing well-defined objectives - 7 minutes 

      1. Module 2 - Content
      2. Module 2 - Self-assessment questions
      3. Module 2 - Key takeaways
    4. Module 3 - The important different between "complicated" and "complex" - 7 minutes

      1. Module 3 - Content
      2. Module 3 - Self-assessment questions and key takeaways
    5. Module 4 - Moving from a tactical mindset to a strategic mindset - 7 minutes

      1. Module 4 - Content
      2. Module 4 - Self-assessment questions and key takeaways
    6. Module 5 - Achieving process sustainability - 7 minutes

      1. Module 5 - Content
      2. Module 5 - Self-assessment questions and key takeaways
    7. Summary - 5 minutes

      1. Quiz
      2. Summary

About the Expert



Running more than 50 events worldwide, EuroFinance enables treasurers and CFOs to exchange innovative strategies, best practices and expert opinions. Through in-depth research with over 2,000 corporate treasurers every year, EuroFinance has a unique insight into the trends and developments in cash management and treasury, and an unrivalled global viewpoint. EuroFinance is an Economist Group business.
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Dennis Tosh

Dennis Tosh

Dennis Tosh is a veteran of an almost 42-year career with Ford Motor Company in Finance and Treasury, from which he retired in January of 2015. During the last 15 years of his career, he assumed increasing responsibilities, on a global basis, for risk management, derivatives (FX, interest rate & commodities), debt capital markets, investment of Company cash, regulatory advocacy/compliance, and credit line bank relationships. He was a key member of the Treasury leadership team that helped Ford navigate the global financial crisis. He also served as the Chair of the Company's Investment Process Committee, responsible for employee savings plans investment elections and investment manager due-diligence. He has a passion to teach, and designed and led numerous employee capital markets training programs while at Ford. Dennis has been a frequent presenter at EuroFinance conferences since 2009, and has served in a host capacity at recent conferences in Miami and Copenhagen. He holds an economics degree, with distinction, from the University of Michigan honors college, and an MBA in international finance from The University of Michigan's Ross Graduate School of Business. Along with his consultancy work, Dennis is working on his first novel, a political thriller, due out in the Spring of 2016, as well as pursing the life-long dream of becoming a private pilot.
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